Different card number via Apple pay

I’ve been trying for almost 2 months to sort out my issue, but the customer service is just one big fail. To my issue:

On September 15th I made a transaction of 1500€ (retailer Retro Camper Hire, Dublin) as a deposit for renting a camper. I paid via Apple pay. The problem is, that according the receipt, a card ending 3213 was charged, which is not the number of my physical Curve card (ending 7606), neither of the virtual card using for Apple pay (ending 9749). And in order to get my deposit back, I have to provide them with the full card number ending 3213, which I don’t know.

I already contacted Apple pay support and my bank that the payment was charged from and both of them keep saying, that they have nothing to do with that different card number ending 3213 and that I have to sort it out with Curve. Which is really difficult as I’ve never experienced worse customer service.

Did anybody come across a similar issue and if someone of the customer service is reading it, can you finally reply and help me sort it out??? @Curve_Joel

Thank you!

Sounds ridiculous.
I would dispute the remaining amount with curve. If that doesn’t work I would dispute with the underlying card.

What device did you use Apple Pay on? Each device has a separate card number, so for example, your Mac’s Apple Pay would be different to your iPad’s Apple lay

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The card number in the device always will be different. That’s the normal way how Apple (and Google) Pay works, so it has nothing to do with Curve.

It’s the issue of the retailer. They should be able to refund your money based on the POS receipt.

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Hi everybody, thank you for your replies. I’ve found a crucial information that should be a game changer - the reason, why none of the current card numbers (either physical or virtual) isn’t the same as the one on the receipt is because I made the payment with an expired card. It accidentaly expired during the period of the rental, so at the moment when I dropped off the car and claimed my deposit I already had different virtual card number, because Apple pay updates it automatically.

So the only thing I need to get to is the virtual card number of my previous Curve card. I’ve just talked to the Apple support and they are not able to get hold of it. Any tips how to find it otherwise than rely on responding from Curve?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You previous virtual Curve card number wouldn’t mach the one which was in the Wallet. Show them the POS receipt and ask them to simply issue the refund. You’re gonna get it despite the card in question has expired.

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Whom should I show it to? Curve or retailer? Retailer already has and Curve doesn’t give a damn :)) Any by POS receipt you mean just the paper receipt I from the terminal? Thanks.

To the retailer. It’s not an issue of Curve, they can’t do anything about it.

Yes, exactly.

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Ok, but as I mentioned, the reatiler already has the POS receipt, they printed for me so they have their copy. And they keep saying that tehy need the particular card number despite being expired. So it would really help to find out the previous virtual card number in order to provide it with them, even if they found it didn’t work and need the recent one…it’s ridiculous situation, I know… :slight_smile:

As I said before, your previous virtual card’s number would not match the one you used paying with Apple Pay. Try to give them your current card’s number and be more determined, or just tell them that you have lost the card you used for the transaction.

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Anyway, it would be really nice if I got it confirmed by Curve as well…but that’s obviously too much to ask… :slight_smile: Thank you.

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You’ve got the correct answer here, so it would be pretty much useless to contact them in this case. They couldn’t give you a solution anyway, since the issue is outside their remit.


Well I already talked with the retailer and in case they should send the money to a diffetent card number, they need a confirmation from the bank with reason why the same card number cannot be provided. So I really need the Curve to start acting.

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They don’t need to send it a different card number. Just tell them to simply reverse/refund the original purchase based on the receipt. That’s how they should get it done.


There are just last 4 digits of the card visible on the receipt. They need me to provide the whole 16digit card number with them. That’s the problem.

They should be able to do the refund based on the original transaction ID. Looks for me that they simply don’t know how the system works, so good luck with them…

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Apple Pay transactions always have a different card number, that’s how it works. If you go into Settings>Apple Pay>then your card, you’ll see 2 lots of card info, your actual card and then a virtual card that apple use. If your card has expired/been replaced then I don’t think you’ll get Apple or Curve to confirm the old info (curve wouldn’t know what apple used). The retailer should just refund to the original card and it will make its way back to your new card.

Failing that, raise a dispute with your underlying card and the rental company will soon sort it

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