Diners Card cannot be verified in Croatia

Hi All,

From the beginning of Dec 2022 there is no way to verify the Diners Card Club in Croatia which was previously verified.
The verification process was tried with couple other people accounts, and the same issue is present.
People who encounter this issue were either new Curve users, or users who had Curve card with added Diners card before but for some reason deleted Diners card from their Curve account.
If you, as a new user, or user who deleted Diners from Curve, try to add Diners to Curve this is what happens - ECC Mobile is asking you to confirm the payment, and it shows confirmation of 0€, instead of 2€ as was previous. When you confirm the payment in ECC Mobile app (Diners Card Club app in Croatia) you get- payment confirmation successful.
After that step when you are redirected to Curve app the pop up window shows up with next message: “This Card cannot be verified”.
Then you have two options: Try again OR Contact Curve Support.

Before Dec, all of us were able to verify the Diners Card Club card to Curve card as normal.

For the users which didn’t delete their Diners cards from Curve Wallet, Diners Card Club card was not working for some time (e.g. one week) in January, but now is working as it was working before, without any issues.

Curve Support said that there is an issue with Diners Card Club verification, as they are not using the newest type of verification.

Does someone knows when this issue will be solved out, as this is now kind a frustrating?