Diners Club/Discover Card Support

Do you plan Diners Club card support? In my opinion, connecting the Diners card to the Curve application would make it easier to pay using Diners card, because MasterCard acceptance network is much larger than Diners Club acceptance network

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It’s not on within the short terms (6months plan), however, you can find “More funding sources” on the speculative board of Curve’s Product Roadmap. So we are looking into it and it’s great to see that’s there’s interest in it :slight_smile:

The same from me. I am interested in connecting my Diners Club Card to my Curve.

Diners Club support would dramatically increase my Curve card spending (applies to some friends of mine too). Please think about it. After PSDII implementation this should be easier.

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Oh yes, Diners support would be really amazing!

But i dont belive that will ever happen because Diners is not that poppular in UK and Curve only cares about UK customers anyway.

Of course its always great to offer more features, but Curve needs to pririotize.
There are so many things they need to work on that are much more important and have a direct effect on all customers , so Diners club support won’t happen anytime soon I guess.
Before Diners comes, there will be Maestro support much more likely.

Surprised to see that anyone still use DC?! I thought that AMEX completely blew them out of the water a few years back… =)

In some EU countries Diners is still much stronger (accepted) then Amex.

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I used DC for a couple of years and in the beginning it was on par with AMEX but then about five years ago something happened and Diners completely fell apart in Sweden whereas AMEX started to be accepted at more and more places.

I know a lot of people like their perks but I wonder how long they can keep it up - recrutiment of new users must be next to non-existent?

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That is not true and I am sorry you have that impression We are a fintech startup currently operating in 27 markets and wish to offer all our products and features to all of our customers, however, we need to be compliant and have to consider the resources we have at hand. We will offer all of our product and features to all of our customers as soon as we can.


In Poland Diners Club is quite strong, acceptance compared to Visa/MC is about 75%. American Express cards are almost non existent (Amex doesn’t offer personal cards in Poland). As far as I know Diners is also strong in several other EU countries. And Amex is giving up in most of Europe after ESD2 enforcement - check the news, they are withdrawing from virtually all European bank agreements. And in most EU countries Amex cards were issued not by them directly but through banks.


Thats true! In my country also Amex after 31.12.2019. will not exist at all because the main bank that had exclusive license for Amex more then 30 years is going to “convert” all those cards to Visa (people will get a new Visa cards). Most local shops already started to quit support for Amex cards. On the other hand, Diners is stronger then ever. Not THAT strong like Visa or Mastercard, but still…

The owner of Diners is Discover so if you are going to USA your Diners will be accepted too, even more then Amex!


I think they were dead in the water in the UK until Lufthansa reinvigorated them with their new card!


Well then, most likely AMEX will continue to operate in UK and Diners Club cards are very rare there, so for UK Curve cardholders AMEX support would have much more value. But it will likely be other way around for most other EEA countries while AMEX is discontinuing bank agreements and hundreds of thousands (for example Cyprus AMEX cardmembers - and there are about 100 000 of them in this quite small country) AMEX cards will be closed in the coming months.
Yet Diners Club is growing stronger - in Poland alone they for example cut the interest on credit cards from 8% to 6% (that is lowest credit card interest available on Polish market right now, with legal maximum being 10%) and number of cards issued is growing.
So - maybe that “Bringing AMEX back to Curve” really is in the interest of UK Curve cardholders rather than for everyone. Maybe it would be more beneficial to start more comprehensive approach right now and include other options on the agenda - like Diners Club.

I never understood the Amex focus especially given the hurdles, however before DC I think the most obvious support target would be Maestro. It should be easy given that Mastercard is already supported (never seen anyone else besides Curve supporting Mastercard but not Maestro) and there are countries where Maestro is absolutely necessary if Curve wants to have any success there.

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I have recently come across some interesting information regarding DC which should be highlighted. All retailers using Barclaycard merchant services will be able to accept DC without incurring any additional charges. There
are currantly about 110,000 outlets in the UK using Barclaycard merchant services. If correct
this would just be good as Amex. So DC support
would be welcomed by Curve members who hold

For more info https://www.finextra.com/pressarticle/77463/barclaycard-uk-merchants-to-accept-cards-that-run-on-the-discover-global-network/cards

Not sure how that’s relevant. Curve is MC so it’s MC acceptance that matters. When it comes to support as an underlying card what would matter is how many DC cards are out there, not acceptance

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Adding more funding sources is on the agenda :slight_smile: Please see the first comment on this thread.


I’ve seen that. And it’s really great, but - as it is on „Speculative Board” - this could well be years from now. On the other hand AmEx support, which is primarily aimed at UK customers, is Curve’s main concern. The fact is that AmEx is abandoning most of continental Europe right now and - for most of your continental EU clients - AmEx support will have no value. I realize that AmEx moves to abandon EU banks (and to abandon Curve cardholders as well) could not be predicted some time ago - but they are the fact now. And we should adapt. So maybe it woud be beneficial for Curve to intensify efforts on bringing more funding sources very soon. I know for a fact that for many Diners Club cardmembers having their cards supported by Curve would be the tie breaker.