Direct Debit Via Curve but linked also to a specific Underlying Card

Not sure if this is something that’s in the pipeline. But it would be great to set up a direct debit on curve and assign an underlying card to that direct debit. So that when that direct debit comes out it always comes off the correct underlying card and not the card currently active should it be different.


That won’t be possible I don’t think. Direct Debits are set up on a bank account, not on a card. That is why you enter a sort code and account number when you set up a DD.

However some places do have “recurring payment” subscriptions, such as Spotify, for which you can appoint a card. It would indeed be great in general if it was possible to “tag” a transaction as “always charge to card X” in the app. I don’t see why Curve can’t implement this, other than the fact that it won’t be very robust. Merchants can and do change their Merchant Category Code and transaction details (vendor name, reference, etc.). When they do, how would Curve be able to tell if it’s still the same transaction? My local Tesco fuel station has changed how it reports its transactions to the card company before, for example.

Maybe there is more underlying data that can be used to make identifying recurring transactions robust enough to release as a feature though - but I wouldn’t know.


As It’s been an amazing year at Curve and we’re just getting started suggests, Curve is going to introduce “Swipe to cancel subscriptions” this year. If they want to achieve that, they must somehow recognize such transactions anyway. If so, adding the option to always charge one specific underlying card would also be possible and wouldn’t need much extra work. It is even more reasonable in light of the Smart Rules that the Curve team has been talking about for the last few months.

I personally would love a feature in the app that would list all my subscriptions and let me change whether it should charge the currently active card or the predefined one.

Direct Debits - IBANs and Sort Codes associated to each of the underlying card (and Curve card) on roadmap. No timeline yet.

Smart wallet - suggesting which card to charge, and allowing users to set a certain retailer to a certain card - soonish.

Hope it clarifies the subject. We have lots of exciting stuff ahead, and we’re constantly looking for more engineers to help us increase the pace of development. Stay tuned, and spread the word!

Happy New Year


The ability to pay direct debits using Curve would be great, perhaps a free limit per month on direct debits and the. A percentage fee thereafter?

@Curve_TCB has this got a timeline next to it yet or still just on the roadmap as nice to have?


It is possible. Take a look how Klarna Visa credit card in Germany works - all costs are automatically debited from bank account over SEPA Direct Debit.