Disable Automatic Logout

I’m using two different phones and since signing up for Curve I have to say the most annoying aspect is that every time I log into the Curve app on Phone #2 it automatically logs me out on Phone #1.

Please change that, so that people like me that use multiple phones don’t constantly have to log in again.

Why would they do that as it’s a huge security issue if they didn’t do the above. At least this way it’s a nudge that someone or another device is accessing your account.


You still have to enter your PIN or identify with Touch or Face ID (on iOS) so I don’t see any security issue there.

I’m talking about having to enter my email + password + PIN (or Face/Touch ID) again all the time I open the app on a different phone, which simply isn’t necessary IMHO. PIN or Face/Touch ID is for sure secure enough, considering that whoever gets access to your phone would need to be able to unlock the phone in the first place as well.

That’s industry standard. Most fintechs only allowing pairing with 1 device

Considering that I’m using quite a lot of apps on both of my phones and I didn’t notice this in any other application so far I disagree with that statement.

But that’s anyway not important IMHO. This is an “Idea” on how I think Curve could improve its usability and we’ll see if others vote for it or not.

And as said, from a security perspective I don’t see any downside here, since the device itself requires a PIN or Face/Touch ID and the Curve app would still require a PIN or Face/Touch ID as well.

no, it is not. you can use your revolut account from multiple devices

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Yeah your right as Revolut is the whole industry.

transferwise also works from multiple devices. so no, this behaviour is not fintech industry standard :slight_smile:

apps of normal banks are usually, but not always limited for one device at one time. but they are in an another industry :slight_smile:

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Also other banks… Neither Halifax or American Express have issues across multiple devices. There really is no reason for such a restriction on curve. You can’t do anything financially with the app itself anyway!

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It’s a great feature suggestion.

Unfortunately it is by no means a trivial change. At the moment it’s not a case of just disabling automatic logout (after considering any security implications). Back-end systems would have to support the user being logged in more than one place. You’d also have to support registering multiple devices per user to receive notifications and broadcast notifications to multiple devices per user. That is just the first thing I can think of but I’m sure from an implementation point of view there would be many other challenges.

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I do believe that.

In the end, I guess it will just come down to the number of votes. If enough people support the idea it shouldn’t matter if it’s a “huge” change or not.

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That would also make a mockery of any location based security which you may or may not be, internally using.

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Please do not change that. It is an awesome feature.