Dismiss evergreen rewards

As a Metal cardholder I specified Uber and Deliveroo as some of my cashback retailers. This coupled with the fact I’ve been a customer at those retailers before means the constant ‘31.5% back at Uber Eats’ reward is unattainable and always will be. There’s also the Deliveroo 0.52%/2.62% for existing/new customers is similarly defunct.

Naturally my dumbdumb monkey brain is attracted to big numbers, so I regularly end up instinctually tapping on those rewards only to immediately remember I don’t qualify for them. So could we have a way to remove them? It’d help my stupid habits, as well as let us see more clearly which rewards are new/potentially interesting by letting us dismiss ones that don’t apply to our interests so we can focus on the ones we might want to redeem. (for example the current offer for KatKin… I don’t have a cat so I don’t really think it’s likely I’ll be buying personalised cat food any time soon.)