Display card details (CVV) issue on the app

Hi I’m having an issue with the app displaying the cvv number? You can only see the tops of the 3 numbers so unreadable and my new physical card doesn’t have any numbers on at all? I need the cvv to activate to pay via my watch any help would be much appreciated :+1:

In this community we are all users just like you, so we don’t have access to your account, so no one here will be able to tell you the CVV. So for the CVV of your Curve card you will need to contact Curve support (support@curve.app).

You might want to try this:

If that doesn’t help:

Could you please tell your OS and OS version, the Curve app version and your phone brand and type. And maybe post a screenshot (with any sensible data hidden).

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Hi thank you so much the font size was the issue and it’s all up and running its very much appreciated :+1:

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