Display Which Card Is Selected On the Curve Card

I love the concept of Curve and have used it for lots of transactions now, over 7 different cards.
The only thing I dislike is that every time I use it, I have to get my phone out and login to the app to see which of my cards is selected and then probably change the selection.

I therefore suggest the following ideas in order of complexity:

1 - Make the selected card name and image visible in the app before login, just to speed up the process.
2 - I’ve seen a credit card that had a small e-ink display on it and a few buttons. (fuzecard) Surely this would be the perfect way for the Curve card to display which card is currently selected, as well as allowing you to change the selected card.

Number 2 is a big change for sure, but this would be an amazing leap forward that I for one would happily pay a premium for.

I agree with the problem. I have faced the same. The solution could be even more intuitive.

I like idea number 1. Number 2 though I don’t see how. Fuzecard is magnetic stripe only. No chip and no contactless. That would be pretty useless

I agree with you it would be useless without contactless and chip, but the beauty of the curve card is that changing the selected payment card doesn’t need to change the magstripe or chip, it only has to communicate with the phone app to change which card is being used, the curve card number stays the same. It’s basically just adding a bluetooth remote control with screen to the existing curve card