Displaying of fuel pump transactions as Declined

I’ve reached out to support and got the answer that hopefully they’ll fix it in the future, just curious if others have noticed this.

When I use my card at Costco’s fuel pump (UK) there’s a pre-auth followed by actual transaction, however the actual remains flagged as “declined” even though it isn’t.
This means that GBIT is unavailable and the transaction is excluded from the insights/budgeting section of the app.

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Yes, this is really annoying and should be fixed!

It happens here in Italy too! It’s driving me crazy… So I’m not alone sadly…

I get that for Costco and some other pay at pump too.

The same happens in Finland.

The same issue here in Czech at automated gas stations. Strange, this happens at the current year’s transactions only, not in the recent years before.

In addition to the above it also prevents Curve Credit being used on these transactions.