Distinct lack of support

Is anyone else experiencing issues with curves lack of support?

I’ve been double charged for a transaction, reached out to support and zero assistance. Extremely annoying.

Curve need to remember it’s customers are what earns your revenues for card processing.


Please can you add some detail such as when you reached out and exactly how?

You should have received an email auto reply. Did you?

I received the zendesk ticket reply, but no-one from support has gotten in touch.

Co-incidentally they need to update the curve.app mx servers to forward to support@imaginecurve.com or add this address into the Zendesk Helpdesk

+1 on this.
Had been a happy Curver for a while, but that all came tumbling down when the wirecard issues occurred and I essentially got stuck in a position where I had a new Curve card (one with no numbers on it) and no ability to access the card details section in the app (so I didn’t know the deets for the card).
Took me a lot of stress and back and fourth with x8 different CSRs to finally get it resolved - took over a month to get fixed and somewhere in the region of 20 hours of my own time to get resolved.
I gave them some benefit of the doubt in that they may have been on a lower staffing level than normal and working from home, and trying to deal with the rug pulled out from under them, but the 3 or 4 day delay between email responses ended up driving me nuts -
I assume the ground level staff manning support are first liners progressing through a rebuttal list as they kept asking me to do things I’d clearly stated in previous messages that I’d already done (I work in IT so approach troubleshooting in a logical manner and tend not to seek assistance until I’ve exhausted all common-sense troubleshooting steps myself).
I didn’t get any real progress on the issue until I was able to get a phone number I could call them on, but from there the support was closer to what I was initially expecting.
Bizarrely the only way I could get the issue was resolved was to leave Curve completely, terminating my account, then rejoin as a new user again.

My experience in that particular case and the way it was handled completely changed my view on Curve, and make me think twice about whether or not to even stay with them.
Ultimately I’m still a user, but it’s completely changed the way I think of and use them now - I now carry several cards with me rather than relying on Curve and I only ever use Curve now for low-level transactions - wouldn’t trust it for any high-value transactions because if something went wrong I could be out of pocket for weeks whilst I try to get support to deal with the issue.
Sadly burnt by the whole experience, I’ve gone from enthusiastic promoter to sceptical detractor.

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Wow that is terrible customer service!

I am with you in all honesty for large transactions, I now mainly use my curve card for online purchases for the FX fee’s but i’m not happy at the moment.

I’m also having issues with Curve Support after a duplicate charge on a transaction. I have reached out to them both through the claim web form and through support@curve.app several days ago. I have not heard anything back yet, not even received a ticket number.

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I’ve managed to get hold of them and they’ve told me they are going to refund it after telling me PayPal sent the charge twice. They didn’t as I have a screenshot of my PayPal account.

I’ve now stopped using curve as my dominate card, and using for fx transactions only.

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Literally no support at all, it’s as though the entire company is run by one guy at home trying to reply to everyone himself.

4-5 days between responses and the responses are copy and paste templates saying they are looking into the issue still. Or the chat is just closed without response at all.

Curve car was great for the first two months only used it for small transactions circa £200/month then the card stopped working completely. No support no responses other then to once every 4/5 days to say they will look into it still.

Terrible service honestly. Just stick to apply wallet and Apple Pay instead.

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I’ve been contacting support both in-app and via email for the last 3 days and not getting any response.

Is it just me or are other people suffering too?

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The same case here - no answer since 5 days.

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I waited for more than a month. I didn’t expect to get an answer ever again.

If you have a Twitter account, reach out to @AskCurve, I received answers within 1-3 days. You can send a message on Facebook and call Curve as well.

No it’s not just you. Support is terrible at the moment!

The Zendesk auto responses for new tickets aren’t working properly, only support@imaginecurve.com works not support@curve.app or support@curve.com.

I think they have configured the mx and cname records wrong.

Same here :confused:

I can completely understand your views.

I was one of the very first to use Curve when it first launched and at first had a lot of contact from them and they wanted me to beta test this and that etc. Then over the course of the next year I found them not communicating as much and the invites stopped to various Webinars and online group chats with the other founding members etc.

Then when I needed to contact Curve support myself and did a lot over the last few yrs I eventually did not get any replies whatsoever. I can tell you how disappointed I was and furious at the lack of no nothing from Curve. So what I did a few times was to phone the number on the back of the card and got through to them through that.

Since all this I do not take this company (Curve) as seriously anymore over the last 18months or more and I just occasionally pop on here. From a professional perspective and as a CEO of global business I am shocked how a business such as this can become so complacent among themselves and kick away and ignore people regardless. There is no excuse in any service based business to act this way and act with arrogance. Finally I have said repeatedly they need to have a proper call centre operation with a number their customers (emphasis on customers) for them to contact them on.

So no I will not crowd fund this company based on my own experiences and lack of rudeness from Curve.


Welcome :smiley:

I had this as well and it was chance that I spotted the double transaction.

I actually had no trouble getting a response from support but like you, they told me that it was due to PayPal who “had reversed the transaction immediately” despite my PayPal statement only showing one transaction.

Also, the refund only came though 2 weeks after the initial transaction, coincidentally the day after I heard from support… - so I don’t believe it was simply a case of a reversed transaction from PayPal (or a authorisation dropping off).

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After an update my business card disappeared from my curve wallet. Re-adding wouldn’t help. Contacted support via mobile app. Got a reply with instructions. Followed the instructions with no luck. Contacted support again. Got a reply that case is being escalated with appropriate department. 14th August 2020. Not a word after that. All my subsequent approaches are being ignored. And no business card in my Curve wallet. Asking community for advice. Thanks

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Support seem to be having a few issues at the moment.

It’s not much help - but you’re not alone.

Hi Audrutis, welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

Trust me I know how frustrating it is to be left waiting for a long period of time.

I really doubt they are ignoring you, I would guess they are really busy dealing with customer support queries. I am sure they will get to you very soon.