Distinct lack of support

Ok, I am sorry I missed that information in your original post. In that case you indeed should be reimbursed into your Curve Cash Balance.

I would advise to try and contact them on Twitter (@AskCurve) and ask for an update on your ticket(s).

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I had several cases last couple of month where support either only answered after writing several times and contacting them on Twitter, or insufficient after several weeks of waiting. I thought about upgrading to Curve Metal, will the support remain this weak and bad, or you really get priority treatment with metal?

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Metal users do indeed have a priority live chat service.

Thanks for your question.

That’s not an answer, I know in theory they have, but the support is so bad atm that I’m doubting it…

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I for one have been getting good support even when I was still a Blue member. On upgrading to metal I get much quicker responses than when I was still on Blue tier.

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More info here: :point_down:


Glad you posted this, I was going to :grinning:

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So as the title says does support ever respond back? I’ve made my account back in September and never got a chance to try it out. Support never answers and if they do is months later. My account is fully verified and all the info asked was provided so I don’t understand why I’m not able to use it . I’ve waited long enough but if this continues I’m deleting app permanently.

Hey! Sorry to see you haven’t heard back yet, please do give our Social Media team a message on @AskCurve or Facebook with your Curve email address if you don’t hear from the team within 72 hours. They’ll be happy to chase up your issue for you!

Support is starting to concern me. It is a fundamental responsibility to at least respond to queries. There are always comments here about - not so much bad support - as just lack of responses.
Maybe Curve have too many avenues of contact and should simplify contact points?

Keira -
Ironically (seeing your above post), I sent you a private message 5 days ago, no reply. Could you look into it please.
If you have no answer that’s OK - but please acknowledge receipt.


Hey Marc,

there is a german sentence that fits perfectly here „Alle Wege führen nach Rom“ in english „All roads lead to Rome“ in this case „All roads lead to Curve Support“

Every contact method you choose leads into a support ticket in Curve‘s Helpdesk Tool from what i know.

If you contact Curve on Twitter you dont contact the Customer Support, you contact the Social Media Team which is routing your request to a support agent/creating a ticket on your behalf if it cant be solved by the social media team.

So every way you choose leads to the support department and results in a ticket which is then processed by an support agent.

[If you create a post here in the Curve Community it will be processed by a normal Curve User, Community Moderator or Curve Team Member.]

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Yes, he does. After about 6 hours I got an answer today and a solution to the problem.

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Hey Mac, sorry I missed that! I’m on community part time so it might take me a little while to respond to messages sometimes.

Thanks for helping, although it is interesting that you called that proverb a German sentence.

Hey there,

You can read about it here:

You might need to use a Translator.

Yes, it’s a traditional saying but not originally a German one. People started saying it verbally when the Roman Empire was massive and they build many roads, aqueduct, etc that all of them ended in Rome. Later, around the 12th century it was written in Latin by a French poet in one of his books. It’s a global proverb with no nationality, :slightly_smiling_face:


I see a lot of complaints about Support on this forum, especially regarding the time it takes to respond, and I’m really not sure why. Because of problems with one of my Cashback retailers not recording directly I need to contact support, usually once a month, to resolve the issue. I’ve also had one or two other issues as well. I have never had a problem.I invariably get an acknowledgement of my query within a few minutes and the issues is usually resolved within 24 hours. I always email them with my query on support@curve.com. As I said always receive an excellent response.


Same here. I contact support each time I fill up Petrol :fuelpump: because BP transactions ever track but always get sorted almost immediately.

They are insufficient for “support” My problem was about curve investors reward ….I never received an answer ….

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Hey there,

is your curve investor reward question account related or not? If not the community can help! :slight_smile:

Otherwise → support@curve.app