Distinct lack of support

I sent verifications document on Monday and since then nothing happened. I mean, it should be a regular thing for a big company like curve. Other companies verify people in a few minutes. Why curve not? And why support keep on telling me that I “will hear back soon” as clearly is not like this? Why they don’t apologize for the clear disorganization instead of telling me that I will hear from them soon? THIS IS THE WORST SUPPORT EVER

Same here

I think Curve should look into the verification product offered by Stripe, and it would make things a lot quicker!

Stripe Identity: Verify identities with confidence

If they don’t sort support out, they will massively fail in the USA. Americans detest poor customer support!

Everyone detest poor support. Curve worst support I have experienced. Worst than a scam. At least a scammer fake some interest into your problems.


More Customer service complaints

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Well, I am on day three of my priority in-app chat experience, with no reply. :rage:

Seems since migrating from Zendesk to Kustomer hasn’t gone that well!

I can’t even find the in-app chat anymore…

What happens to Curve’s customer support? They practically do not work. No response to submissions. So far, everything was fine.

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This is nothing new, and has been going on for the last 18 months

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In app chat was removed a few weeks back

To whom it may concern.

I am writting on this board, to express my concern about the drop in customer service at Curve.

As I invested in Curve, i changed my normal Curve card, to a Metal card.
since then, nothing as been working properly . Most of my transactions were refused. I was first informed, that due to a bug in the system, I had to re - verify my profile. Did so.

However, my transactions are still being blocked.

Tried to contact CS - even using the annoying and badly set up CHAT.
No answer.

Even though, I am an investor - I did ask to downgrade my account - as nothing is working properly since I receive the metal card.

Again - no news from Customer service.
Just an automatic message, saying that I need to reverify my account and that I shall pay 50£ if i want to downgrade.

Conclusion - I did invest in Curve, because the user experience was great. including the customer service.
However, I am now quite concerned, about the deterioration of your services,
Do not think, you will go far, if things continue like that.


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I’ve been with Curve since 2017 (iirc) and have indeed witnessed the deterioration of customer support – but mostly in response time. When they do respond they are usual able to sort out my issues, and in many cases even compensate if there was some financial loss due to Curve malfunctioning in some way.

But response times for me have now been surpassing 7 days this year. Unacceptable.


I understand that you are upset about the service you have (or haven’t) received, but this is primarily a community manned by it’s users.

Your best bet would be to reach out to Curve via their twitter account @AskCurve as they seem to be a bit quicker picking up issues there.

Sure, but if you’re a potential Curve investor or a a Curve Leader, you are surely going to check out the community forum. Flagging such issues should be an effective way to deliver change.

I was offering another way to get help from the Curve staff. As this is a user focused community.

What do you mean by Curve Leader?

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I am super concerned. I am contacting curve support team since 2 weeks now with both app chat and email but nobody is answering and got no response so far. Does anybody know what is going on? Is there any other way to contact them? Any telephone number? This is very frustrating and unacceptable.

You made my day :joy:


The number on the card is just for lost and found, try reaching out on twitter via @askcurve.

I’m still shocked support is so bad nearly a year on since I created this thread.

If I don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account how can I contact the Curve Team?

I tried via app chat and via mail. I had some issues, but I explained it faster with the second side.
Now they temporarily blocked my card and have no response instead automatic reply for my messages and complaints…

I can’t unblock it in the app, because the block was done by Curve Team.
Also I asked for the Polish Help here, but there are a small number of people.

Any idea?

Curve don’t seem to care. At least not at the moment.