Distinct lack of support

I also don’t understand the comment of “send them a message on Twitter” - why are Twitter responses being answered and not the direct help channels? Totally ridiculous.

Metal account? I’m an investor and they don’t seem to care so at least they’re consistent!


Im currently owed money from then since they messed up a refund I was supposed to have received since the 14th of Sept.

The chat person Jerry has rudely stopped replying since the 24th and my direct email has not been responded. Is there a phone number one could try?

I have sent message in app chat that I cannot use curve card at all, and for whole week I haven’t received any response from curve support. What is going on?

The new “chat” option in the app is a total joke… I have been in the queue for a few days and still no response. The query is kinda urgent, about my metal subscription didnť go through, but my underlying card is working just fine. I am worried about my insurance and metal card, and they just didn’t seem to care. The old “priority” chat was awesome, every time the problem was solved in a couple of minutes, now it is just a total disaster.

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I cancelled my Curve account, because I can’t wait anymore their support. From June 2021 I was not able to use the Curve App and the Curve card.


Just a little update:

Oh, well that’s OK then.

As a curve investor I now know I will lose my investment. The customer service I have recieved has been shocking. Ignoring my emails and chats. Hung up on the phone. Money taken from one of my cards when instructed not to. This is not the curve I invested in.

Really? Where did you establish that?

Asos and Curve are enough with my personal experience to actualy get a picture of how is something functioning.
I worked for 10 years as an executive of cs in one huge company… and giving answers that are actualy not answers are the worst possible way to handle the customers.

I’m not convinced you can “….get a picture of how is something functioning…” from such an experience. Certainly not to be able to judge that the UK has poor customer care in general. Far too sweeping a claim.

Maybe you are from UK :rofl: and taking this far too seriously…

Still waiting a second week for a refund which you have said I’m receiving.

Also not had a pending transaction drop off in two weeks.

This is almost £500 total… no answer from customer service and no ‘priority metal service’

I won’t be renewing

Hi @bankn,

Curve issues refunds instantly to the original card that was used for the transaction if curve can match the refund with one of your transactions. Otherwise Curve might contact you.

It can take up to 30 days for a refund to appear on your card statement, some banks only show the refund as a credit on the monthly invoice.

If you dont have access to the card anymore which you was used for the transaction you need to get in contact with the bank that issued the card.

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I havent recieved any confirmation. Just that I was to recieve a refund to my card (this was a week ago)

Taking a month to issue a refund curve knows I’m due I rediculous

Going on two weeks for a disputed chargeback, will just go to my underlying credit card before long as getting nowhere with curve.

Hi @curve-user-569874125,

Once a chargeback has been opened the merchant has up to 60 days to reply before Curve can do anything, once the merchant replied Curve needs to review the Evidence provided by the merchant which can take time too since they need to follow Mastercard’s chargeback handling guideline.

If you unhappy with the Chargeback result you can go in Arbitration directly with Mastercard.

Disputing a payment on your underlaying card will probably freeze your curve account and curve will probably use every legal method to get the money back and your identity might get listed as fraudster in Mastercards database.

Curve haven’t even registered the chargeback or replied to the support ticket.

On a side note after 3 weeks and several months the retailer has refunded the transaction.

It’s not acceptable for a regulated financial institution like curve to not respond to customer support tickets. Three weeks isn’t acceptable!

I’ve now stopped using my curve card altogether after charging £8k per month through my old metal subscription.

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Don’t hold your breath, boys and girls, I’ve been waiting 2 months for double charged transactions to be refunded, and I’m still getting “we’ve recently migrated…” I’m going to start charging Curve interest and late fees…


Seems i’m lucky, “just” 11days to have a reply to increase my spending limits got a link to do a KYC replied in 5min, and now back to waiting. awwwwwww