Distinct lack of support

Totally agree Ivan, thank you for your comments!

I totally understand. The only reason that I haven’t left the product is that underlying there are cards issue by serious banks, and in case there’s any problem, I always can request a refund from then, in case Curve’s Customer Service doesn’t offer a solution or, simply, ignores me, which only has happened with situations “not urgent” like curve cash mismatches.

Thank you for you comment!

Not sure that is totally correct: by using CURVE you lose the protection you have from the underlying card and you acquire CURVE protection, which is usually weaker.

@poeliev If I’m not wrong I read somewhere you were discussing about this. Am I correct with what I said?

I think you are referring to the post below:

If Curve Customer protection is weaker depends on the type of underlying card. One could argue that when it’s a debet card Curve Customer Protection is stronger and when it’s a credit card Curve Customer Protection is weaker.


That was it, thanks!

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Hi @Curve_Joel !
It is not a secret that the confidence the customers have in Curve has been compromised in many ways.

Your post:

was very promising and I was expecting a lot from it.

What I understood was that the role of that post was to show us a big change and demonstrate that Curve cares about us.

In that post you asked us to send questions for the support team, promising we would have started receiving the answers the 29th of November
( it was 24th of November and you said: “We’ll update this thread with answers to your questions at the beginning of next week!” ).

You didn’t receive many questions: a total of 8 questions have been sent.

However the support has not been able to honour the promise: we are now at the 3rd of December and we still didn’t receive a single answer.
How can this restore any confidence in Curve?
As I see it now, the Curve Support Team didn’t do anything different that what has done in the last months: they didn’t respect the promised timeframes.
I believe you missed a big chance.

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I agree with your sentiments entirely.

It should also speak volumes that only six questions were asked, be dozens in the past for different questions. Everyone has gotten fed up and frustrated with a pivotal services ‘customer service’.

Finally, after 2 failed attempts to solve an issue (revert a GBIT transaction), it was resolved with the help of the Twitter channel (imaginecurve)

I think the APP should have specific options on the transactions, so that the user could raise those specific issues over any transaction. This way, there would be no confusion with customer support. Explaining the issue over the chat is not the best way, and it was proved in my case…

Either way, support “tickets” (can i call them that? not really support tickets, because only ONE chat can be opened at any time!) should NOT be closed before customer feedback! (and priority should be given to opened and previously answered requests!). This is the worst scenario… when support closes the conversation and the issue was not resolved!

So, there is plenty room for improvement, and implementing a “real” support “ticket” system, is the best way to go.


I can’t agree more.

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Well put @ivanbg . Is it any wonder that people have given up on Curve providing prompt support? They ask customers for questions, give a timescale for replies, and … nothing. It’s not as if they were flooded with difficult topics! As you say this was their chance to prove they were listening.


I messaged in app 2-3 months ago but my enquiry wasn’t sorted out even after contacting them 4 times.
I then emailed, I did receive a reply over a month later to say they were doing enquiries.
Now more than another month later I’ve still had no reply…. I today emailed customer support and app support to chase it up but this is beyond ridiculous.

I used to be soo happy with Curve as a customer, supporter and investor especially with the growth but customer services has become diabolical!

I’m still waiting for my situation/complaint to be fixed, I’m very annoyed and upset about it.
“I hope you can help”

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This is a user community. Unfortunately we are unable to help you with this. You can try sending a DM via Twitter to Curve support @askcurve, they always help chase up things very fast.


thanks Daddykay, I’m not on twitter but I may just sign up to DM then and get it sorted :+1:t3:

Still seems to be an issue with support…waiting two weeks for a response so far, after the first copy/paste response didn’t address my question at all. Will be pushing for a refund of my Metal fee you can’t support the product you sell.

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I opened a ticket a few days back and had a reply within 48 hours, but nothing since. Its a rather trivial chargeback request under £10, but alas still waiting.

I opened an URGENT ticket on December 23 because I made a 1000 euro payment that was declined but charged.
I was needing those money for Christmas, but no-one answered me until today:

We’re receiving a large number of messages lately and that’s why we’re not always able to reply as quickly as we’d like. That’s certainly not the picture of Curve we want to paint!

As your query is older than 2 weeks and you haven’t followed up since, there’s a chance that you’ve already found an answer to your question. That’s why we’re going to close this conversation now.

I’ve been lucky because the issue was a general issue spanning many people, so I got back my money 3 days after, but I have to sadly admit that, as of my experience, the CURVE support still didn’t improve at all.


Nice reminder why I rarely use the card. Not bothered to reach out to a card dispute. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Even as a metal subscriber, the customer service is now abysmal. Seems pointless paying £150 year to talk to a brick wall. The automated ‘Otis’ bot is equally useless. Double charging issue as well, which arguably should never have occurred in the first place.

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The fact is that I believe we have not been told the truth yet (or at least, not everything has been revealed) about what happened.

They declared that the issues with the customer care was because of a migration they did in August 2021, but, honestly, it is hard to believe that after almost 6 months they still have not recovered the backlog.

What they don’t understand is that if they would admit what is the real problem, we could understand.
Instead, they keep hiding the dust under the carpet and keep promising things that never happens, thus creating delusion and mining the faith of their customers.


well they may have responded quickly but then closed the ticket without ever getting back to me with what was sent!