Distinct lack of support

If I don’t have a Twitter and Facebook account how can I contact the Curve Team?

I tried via app chat and via mail. I had some issues, but I explained it faster with the second side.
Now they temporarily blocked my card and have no response instead automatic reply for my messages and complaints…

I can’t unblock it in the app, because the block was done by Curve Team.
Also I asked for the Polish Help here, but there are a small number of people.

Any idea?

Curve don’t seem to care. At least not at the moment.

Try sending another email with the subject field as URGENT

They have a lot of work and they are currently overloaded. In fact my case was solved after 11 days.
But I request 2 or 3 times via app, send 2 mails, 1 complaints, join to this community and send a message to Curve via Messenger.
I can’t imagine how it works when you asked once…

The problem is that sometimes the shop does not get the funds and renew the payments. So finally, you will see the old transaction as pending and double the new transaction from the same shop with the same amount but finalized.

I think that Curve should solve this bug and all should be clear then.

Support seems to be non-existent currently.

A Friend of mine can’t use his card since weeks ( see here Card only worked for 2 payments and now getting declined everywhere - #9 by mk77 ), so 1% bonus is wasted.
And a lot of hassle cause he’s getting embarrassed with trying different things like chip+pin and so on, but card not working.

And support doesn’t respond - even tho contacted via multiple ways…
…totally bad experience.

And he (blue card), I (black card), and my gf (meta cardl) are really thinking about canceling curve.
And ofc with this experience the other friends i was thinking about to get on to curve now more likely get a warning instead a recommendation.

really really sad curve… that’s how to turn off a customer who was thinking a few weeks ago to be an investor…

Finally got a response to my query 8 days after raising it.

Not really “premium” support (I’m a metal subscriber).

6 days since I wrote them about a transaction that was refunded 20 days ago but still in pending state in curve. No answers so far.
I’m metal as well.

Shame on curve.

Eh… Started to consider downgrading my Curve to Blue and upgrading my Revolut to Metal instead.


As an investor, I am shocked by the non-existent customer service offered by Curve. I tried to install the App and followed procedure but the App abruptly said we cannot offer you Curve with no explanation or recourse. Even raising a CS ticket & supplying with ID document and selfie has gotten me nowhere. This is not the positive experience I was expecting and extremely bad for business.

I cannot get over how poor contacting customer service has become. My card has not been working as it was temporarily suspended whilst I was worried about a transaction but now it’s been resolved I tried messaging the customer service people to reactivate it.

I have sent 2 emails, left a voicemail and tried messaging over their app but it doesn’t work. The new in-app messaging is down right dog s**t and is not appropriate for a financial app. I am a curve metal customer and supposed to have priority customer service. Why on earth am I waiting over 5 days to get a response from customer service?

Curve, stop cutting corners by being tight with customer services. You are a financial service handling money. Your customer service has been getting worse for years and is now at an unacceptable level. Please sort this out immediately.


I wish I would have read all the comments here before I upgraded to metal (with one year in advance payment)…

My card is still not delivered, but the expected arrival date is already exceeded. If you ask the “customer service” they tell you they have no idea where your card is and you should write them again in 2 weeks…
Also they lie to you as they tell you, that you can already use all features - even without the physical card. Which is obviously wrong, as they write in theire own FAQ (for example: The Use of Loungekey requiers the phyiscal card).

  • Mails where I request to get a invoice for my subscription are not answered (one week ago now)
  • Cashback is not recognized correctly

Definitly the last time i’ll subscibe to curve. Hopefully that company goes where it deserves to go…

Hi Lucan,

Physical Card is not required by all Lounges, the LoungeKey pass is enough for most of the Airport Lounges. You have access to all features offered by the metal plan. (Cashback, Higher FX Limits, World Elite Status, Insurance).

You can shoot the Social Media Team a message via Twitter @AskCurve if its an emergency. Card delivery may warry depending on your country.


Very disappointing - I no longer use Twitter - but support appears to be getting worse not better.

I instigated communication via the app - 14th September 2021 - no reply. I then sent an email - 17th September 2021 - no reply.

On an unrelated note I am awaiting the answer to another query, 10 weeks and counting…

I would like to move to a Metal Card, but not sure I trust Curve should anything go wrong, as I said this whole C.S. situation is very disappointing and with no sign of improvement.

Well, Curve’s FAQ are telling me that i’ll have to use the card: Where can I use LoungeKey™?

So one of you is wrong.

Also I wanted / need to use the physical curve Card. When I Upgraded I was also told that the old Card would stay active until the new physical card gets activated - but thats also false. It got declined directly after.

If Curve knows that it takes longer for the delivery of the physical card, why doesn’t Curve adjust the delivery date and make clear that it will take quite a bit?
What’s the expected Delivery time for germany currently?

I believe we should start thinking about suing them with a kind of class action: we as metal user are paying for a priority support that does not exists: they are clearly disrespecting the contract we signed.
Moreover: 2 months and Diners still doesn’t works in Italy.


Hi Lucan,

it depends on the Airport Lounge you want to visit, here in Germany the LoungeKey Pass and Virtual Card is enough at most Airports that i visited.

Depends on the card issuing reason your old card should work(nfc broken,…) or not (fraud, stolen), i will check if they fully disable your old card once a new card is issued.

It took ~3 weeks for my investor card to arrive, if your card didnt arrive within 4 weeks contact the support or social media team via Twitter @AskCurve they can check and re-issue your card.

I’ve tried to reach customer service for sending me a new card as my old one is lost. I’ve tried both chat and e-mail but I haven’t received any response for like a week and a half! It says max 48 hours…
After not using the card for a bit over a year I was thinking to use it as my main card but now I’m really not sure. If I need help I want to be able to get in touch within days.

Is the customer service gone fishing or what??

I can’t even get into the settings section on the app! Super annoying, fed up of curve

Something needs to happen quickly for Curve. It’s disappointing to see this sort of feedback/comments across social media…


I’ve also been waiting nearly a week for a response. My card is pin blocked (my mistake I know) but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be getting any support at all. Very disappointed.