Distinct lack of support

I am now 7 days in with no response to my cash back error and almost 24 hours in from emailing them regarding my card declining (which it still is), but only online now, not physical…

I had messaged the Twitter team last night and was told my ‘decline’ issue would be looked at and contacted about this morning by the Support Team, but so far, nothing…

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About 2 months now and the Diners still doesn’t work in Italy. They assured me they were working hard on this and they would have contacted me as soon as they had news.
Well, yesterday I received a mail from the support asking if I still had problems, otherwise they would close the issue: is this the way they are working hard on my issue? They are working so hard that they don’t even know if they have resolved it or not???

This support is a joke.

And don’t hope about a better support: they closed the support 1st of August and restarted it at the 1st of September. I don’t call this a new feature: I call it summer holiday for the support team.


I have received a full refund and Curve stole more than half of the money.
I wrote them about the issue two weeks ago via the aforementioned “chat”.
I am yet to receive an answer and now considering filing a police report and contacting their supervising authorities.
All this with a Metal account…

The live in-app chat has not been restored yet. The current ‘chat’ that is visible now in the app does nothing more than create a ticket in their support system (once you get past the bot).
If you didn’t already you can give them a ‘nudge’ on Twitter (AskCurve) or Facebook and ask for an update on your ticket.

Thank you for the quick answer. I know, that is why I used the term “chat” instead of chat, but I think it is totally unacceptable that the ticket is not answered after two weeks (in an urgent matter like this).
I don’t have a Twitter account and I don’t think I should contact a company via Twitter to get my own money from them (as a paying, premium customer) :frowning:

In some ways, I’m kind of glad that it isn’t just me that’s had bad customer support, however, in many more ways I’m disappointed and worried for Curve.

I received an email from the support team on 18/06 requesting:
“I’m getting in touch to let you know that in order to manage relationships with our long term customers we need to update our identity verification in place on your account.”
While my identity isn’t confirmed, my Curve card is blocked from working.

So, I completed the verification process and then heard nothing back from the team so I chased on the 25/06 only to get this reply a whole month later on the 28/07:
"Hi Asif,
Thanks for your response and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
Many thanks for sending through your documents.
Unfortunately, we were not able to verify these this time and require them to be re-submitted."

I was away the week they sent this response, so on Monday 02/08, I responded saying that links for verification timed themselves out - given that I was away, so could they resend the link.
Then came the radio silence. Never a single reply…until - I CC in Shachar Bialick on 14/09.
Incredibly crude thing to do, I know, however, at this point it’s been months without my Curve card and all from terrible customer support. Well, Shachar goes ahead and blocks my email address - fair play but I got what I wanted as finally I received I response from the help team. They responded on the 17/09. I completed the verification process for the third time and hilariously again, nothing else has been done.

I’m not sure if I should close my account and sign up for a new card as that might resolve this problem quicker - something I shouldn’t needn’t need to do, but this is the situation I’m in. Being an investor, this fills me with worry. Since I’m not travelling as much currently, the absence of Curve hasn’t hit me, but very soon the inconvenience of not having a Curve card is going to be a problem. So what worries me is the number of customers Curve might be losing all because they can’t get their customer service working.
I’m ranting on here essentially to just log my issue so I can refer to it again eventually.
I was going to ask if other people have had customer issues or verification issues, but that’s been clearly answered on this thread.

I also don’t understand the comment of “send them a message on Twitter” - why are Twitter responses being answered and not the direct help channels? Totally ridiculous.

Metal account? I’m an investor and they don’t seem to care so at least they’re consistent!


Im currently owed money from then since they messed up a refund I was supposed to have received since the 14th of Sept.

The chat person Jerry has rudely stopped replying since the 24th and my direct email has not been responded. Is there a phone number one could try?

I have sent message in app chat that I cannot use curve card at all, and for whole week I haven’t received any response from curve support. What is going on?

The new “chat” option in the app is a total joke… I have been in the queue for a few days and still no response. The query is kinda urgent, about my metal subscription didnť go through, but my underlying card is working just fine. I am worried about my insurance and metal card, and they just didn’t seem to care. The old “priority” chat was awesome, every time the problem was solved in a couple of minutes, now it is just a total disaster.

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I cancelled my Curve account, because I can’t wait anymore their support. From June 2021 I was not able to use the Curve App and the Curve card.


Just a little update:

Oh, well that’s OK then.

As a curve investor I now know I will lose my investment. The customer service I have recieved has been shocking. Ignoring my emails and chats. Hung up on the phone. Money taken from one of my cards when instructed not to. This is not the curve I invested in.

Really? Where did you establish that?

Asos and Curve are enough with my personal experience to actualy get a picture of how is something functioning.
I worked for 10 years as an executive of cs in one huge company… and giving answers that are actualy not answers are the worst possible way to handle the customers.

I’m not convinced you can “….get a picture of how is something functioning…” from such an experience. Certainly not to be able to judge that the UK has poor customer care in general. Far too sweeping a claim.

Maybe you are from UK :rofl: and taking this far too seriously…

Still waiting a second week for a refund which you have said I’m receiving.

Also not had a pending transaction drop off in two weeks.

This is almost £500 total… no answer from customer service and no ‘priority metal service’

I won’t be renewing

Hi @bankn,

Curve issues refunds instantly to the original card that was used for the transaction if curve can match the refund with one of your transactions. Otherwise Curve might contact you.

It can take up to 30 days for a refund to appear on your card statement, some banks only show the refund as a credit on the monthly invoice.

If you dont have access to the card anymore which you was used for the transaction you need to get in contact with the bank that issued the card.

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