Distinct lack of support

I havent recieved any confirmation. Just that I was to recieve a refund to my card (this was a week ago)

Taking a month to issue a refund curve knows I’m due I rediculous

Going on two weeks for a disputed chargeback, will just go to my underlying credit card before long as getting nowhere with curve.

Hi @curve-user-569874125,

Once a chargeback has been opened the merchant has up to 60 days to reply before Curve can do anything, once the merchant replied Curve needs to review the Evidence provided by the merchant which can take time too since they need to follow Mastercard’s chargeback handling guideline.

If you unhappy with the Chargeback result you can go in Arbitration directly with Mastercard.

Disputing a payment on your underlaying card will probably freeze your curve account and curve will probably use every legal method to get the money back and your identity might get listed as fraudster in Mastercards database.

Curve haven’t even registered the chargeback or replied to the support ticket.

On a side note after 3 weeks and several months the retailer has refunded the transaction.

It’s not acceptable for a regulated financial institution like curve to not respond to customer support tickets. Three weeks isn’t acceptable!

I’ve now stopped using my curve card altogether after charging £8k per month through my old metal subscription.

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Don’t hold your breath, boys and girls, I’ve been waiting 2 months for double charged transactions to be refunded, and I’m still getting “we’ve recently migrated…” I’m going to start charging Curve interest and late fees…


Seems i’m lucky, “just” 11days to have a reply to increase my spending limits got a link to do a KYC replied in 5min, and now back to waiting. awwwwwww

Going on a year for me with a spate of Amazon transactions that were double charged. Still haven’t been refunded by Curve.

Ill now wait 1 month for an reply, my Curve Metal is not usable of the Support does Not answer me.

Probably a goodbye from my side.


Have you tried contacting them via Twitter @AskCurve?

I did, as was told to email support. I’ve stopped using my card altogether

I’m sorry that you’ve been reduced to doing that. I would recommend you trying to contact them via Twitter @AskCurve as that normally helps immensely.

I’ve been with curve from the initial beta of their product, it’s why I started this thread last year. Just wish curve listened.

So how long is this pitiful support situation gonna continue? I’m having more and more transactions showing up wrong after a refund was issued, also it continues to show pending for weeks after finalization, also I have wrong balances on Curve and the underlying card…overall it just seems Curve doesn’t seem to get it since it’s continuing for month and month now and never became better.

So how long is this pitiful support situation gonna continue? I’m having more and more transactions showing up wrong after a refund was issued, also it continues to show pending weeks after finalization, also I have wrong balances on Curve and the underlying card…overall it just seems the company is kinda mess at the moment?


I questioned this on LinkedIn on an advertising slogan regarding Visa and Amazon, the new CRM should be fully online now. They just need to employ more staff.

Chat is on!
Guys, can’t wait to tell you that I got contacted by chat support a while ago and Cersei L. managed to fix the issues I had reported by two separate tickets.
So, support is returning soon and just be a little more patient to receive support on your issues.


Are you on metal or regular plan?

I just e-mailed every VC firm, VC partner that ever invested in Curve. Especially the ones that just closed a Series C round in January.

Told them the severeness of the issues that I have. and that Curve has lost its DNA.
The lack of CS
The lack of successful management
The lack of solving issues such as double charges and yet they want to scale to the USA when they cannot handle EU.

I had it. And I am going to continue to e-mail each and everyone on the VC side to explain this and the issues that I face and that Curve still OWES ME money.

I told in the e-mail they need to change the top line and management and shuffle their framework because this is not working.

This is ridiculous.

I will continue until I see my issues are solved and it looks everyone here is utterly frustrated.

With reason.

Wow. I mean fair play, not sure what they will do. But will be interesting what they reply.

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That’s what I call dedication and also the only thing they need right now so they FINALLY understand that his level of amateurism in community management and customer support can’t continue any minute longer. Almost EVERY customer is pissed for a month, and nothing seems to change…


There is no other way at this point.

I lost my patience and there are at least 28 people I sent an email to so far. Eventually, this will be picked up so they can enforce change. Since that is what VC does best. Restructuring top line when it is underperforming.

Even if they do not reply, but someone will - the fact that this has landed so far that a CS issue has to be brought to the investor side.

I push it because either VC did not have enough due diligence or Curve falsified numbers based on my experience not being charged for a year which places them in a higher valuation as intended.

What it takes is to show them there is smoke. And first thing investors do: Protect the downside, lever the upside.

So they will want to protect their own money at all times.

This is not a Seed or pre-seed round where VC firms shoot for a 6/10 ratio Sequoia capital does. This is a Series C where they are supposed to go in expansion stage

But how are they going to expand when they cannot handle one continent (EU). let alone another market with different approaches and laws per state

Absolutely sick and tired of this.

Curve used to be FinTech, now it’s more of a FaaS and SaaS model and like any other SaaS, they ran into a bottleneck where growth doesn’t align with human resources. because they ran too fast.