Distinct lack of support

Very, very bad customer service!
I upgraded to X, but I most probably will leave Curve. That might be the best cure.

I’ve been a metal customer for over 2 years but yesterday I cancelled my plan. In essence I believe that any financial product needs to have solid customer support and put simply curve’s support is shambolic. The situation has significantly deteriorated in the last two years and curve doesn’t appear to have any plan to improve it. I’d share the following examples:

  1. In October last year my card was cloned and used for a number of fraudulent transactions. I noticed shortly after the first few transactions due to the notifications on my phone and immediately Froze my curve card in the app. Despite freezing my card multiple transactions continued to be permitted/processed hours after. I eventually had to freeze my underlying cards to stop this. I tried to call curves 24/7 lost/stolen card emergency line…I was met by an answer phone with an option to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Curve didn’t actually respond for days during which time I was between £150-200 out of pocket. As one of the merchants was an online store I had once purchased something at I was told by curve that the transaction couldn’t be refunded without me contacting the store to prove my account at that store hadn’t been compromised further delaying my refund?

  2. The live chat service is appalling and any suggestion that paying for metal/premium gets you ‘priority’ support is a joke. Curve support only work Monday - Friday between office hours and even then you’ll likely wait days if not weeks for the most basic of issues to be addressed. Compare that with Revolut and many other fintech apps where you will get support 24/7 often within minutes.

  3. Curve did initially have a strong travel insurance pack that bet some of their competitors but those competitors have upped their game and provide a better insurance pack in their premium products often for a cheaper annual/monthly fee.

To summarise unless curve makes significant investment in improving their customer services I won’t consider rejoining nor could I recommend curve to anyone else.


I understand that a lot of people are not happy with the (lack of) support. Which is completely understandable.

Just want to put in my 2 cents and say that I am happy. Questions or issues that I have raised were answered within 1-2 days and they were very helpful.

So I know they are doing their best.

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For me the average response time is 7 days. Even when the ticket is “ongoing”, I reply within minutes and then wait 7 days for the next message :joy:

However the replies once they arrive are solid :+1:
Just that the issue might stick around for a month or two depending on how many messages you need to send :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and this is with metal priority support.

Maybe some common issues need to be automated away from real human replies

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I have Metal and contacted Curve on the app chat bot 12 days ago. Still no response. I’m only contacting because I’ve noticed my cashback with Asda fuel stations does not track properly. It’s the self service type which they take £50 and update with the actual amount later but I’m only getting the cashback on the £50. It didn’t use to do this as i checked the app. This started in January which is why I’ve contacted them. I know its trivial compared to some issues but how many others haven’t noticed the cashback tracking properly. I also contact twice a year with screenshots of all my Asda store purchases, as they list the store number in the transactions instead of Asda. I used to contact more regularly but they don’t seem to have an issue giving the cashback every six months.

They really need to employ more customer service as its beyond a joke now. If I had an actual issue like fraud, I’d be going insane waiting.


21 days into reporting an issue that has resulted in Curve incorrectly depositing almost £5,000 in my account and still no appreciable progress, not even acknowledged the issue. Fully paid up Metal customer.

This should be an urgent issue but Curve seems happy to just let it rot? What happened to the claimed improvement to support? Are we not due an update explaining what’s actually going on?

Support has been consistently extremely slow since I first became a customer, and I cannot help but recommend against Curve for anyone while these issues persist. Please do something, or at least say you are doing something!

Wow can’t believe curve have given you £5k.

I wonder where that error has come from ?

I did a couple go-back-in-time transactions on 30th of June and two of them issued repeated refunds. One of £1,500 refunded 4 times, and another smaller one about 7 times. Called my bank and they say it looks like ordinary transfers, fully cleared funds for me to use as I wish. Seems like just that day there were some weird behaviours with GBIT, though I haven’t heard of anyone else having the same issue.

I’m literally trying to give Curve their money back but they’re not reacting. I don’t want a £5,000 ‘debt’ hanging around my debt that I had no party in creating or consented to.

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I am 10 days for now. That’s the thing, if they are not able to provide priority support they should remove it from the metal “advantages”.


Yeah I definitely agree they should fix the priority or remove it from the list of advantages. I would have expected same day reply


When they announced the new tier I went metal to support same and for priority support, and for card that I will not use ahah (100% apple pay). So I currently feel quite dumb with support

Yeah Apple Pay is the best, used the physical card once just to see that it worked :stuck_out_tongue:
It may be good to have as a backup or for the countries that likes cash while traveling tho.

To be fair support has solved my issues so far (except that smart rules never worked) without any fuss, just took their time

I’m surprised so many people are having such poor support, I messaged in regards to my metal subscription as I want to downgrade as it’s not worth it for me, and they got back to me within 48 hours.

Granted 48 hours isn’t the best, but compared to some people waiting weeks, I thought they were quite prompt. Just got to wait two more months and I can downgrade to Curve X.

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Still waiting on two chargbacks over 2 weeks ago

Question to Curve: How it it possible that the support remains that bad for such a long period of time even tho you hired dozens of people? Why is the live chat still not back, even tho you claimed to bring it back?


I’d dispute it with the underlying card by now against curve if they are large amounts.

I am into double digit days now in chat, no reply at all. It is astonishing that they think they can break the US market with no live chat or call option, and a chat bot who ignores one for weeks on end.

They operate like a back room startup, not a multi national finance company.

Hard to justify staying with them to be honest


Now over a month since the multiple-refund issue. I’ve transferred the money to a seperate account for safekeeping, meanwhile Curve still won’t acknowledge the error even happened. Free interest for me I guess.

Also, will Curve ever give a public explanation as to what’s going on with support, regarding the ongoing (as in for the literal YEARS support has been slow without notable improvement) extreme delays? Customers are tired of hearing “we’re extra busy right now” because it’s simply not true. “Right now” can be valid for a week, a few months maybe at a push, but it’s been years. Something has to be wrong at a deeper level than just a seasonal rush. The fact this thread is almost 2 years old, and is one of many (and many are constantly merged into it as its such a common issue) is testament to the crippling support issues at hand. Just tell us what’s going on!


If curve can’t even address their tickets or even Twitter now, there’s no way they’re monitoring this community board.

My downgrade request from a fortnight ago has not been addressed, I was charged an extra month. I’ll be initiating a chargeback and to be honest I think it’s a good time to say goodbye to a company I used to absolutely rave about when I joined in the early days.


I made the same experience. They ignore me the paying customer and close the ticket without answering.

Only answer received:

Thank you for your reply.

No further contact is necessary.

Best regards,

Account Review Team

Team Curve