Distinct lack of support

Fully agree on this, they say due to “exceptionnal increase of ticket” since we changed our tier. Thing is :
1- It’s their fault that communication is shady
2- You see feedback of this problem since 2020.

Frankly it make it sounds bad, they keep doing social media, marketing but do not follow with customers… The “good choice” received on packaging of metal sounds like a joke as the whole marketing .

They told me 3 weeks ago that they re organized their support. I am curious to see how many months it will take for them to solve it.

Can I also be late to pay my subscription and tell them I do my best ?

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It was predictable that changing pricing will lead to million questions from users to support.


While I don’t disagree, that goes no way to explain why this problem has existed since the inception of Curve. There’s been at least one occasion in my immediate memory where they had come out saying they acknowledge support issues and have now changed some stuff to resolve them, but then no appreciable change appeared both in my own sentiment and in what you see on this forum (excluding that they got rid of that awful bot, that thing really had to go, utterly useless and frustrating).

I had my card stolen on the 10th July and immediately reported it to curve via the app. They blocked the card and asked for the last transaction which i provided with a screenshot. It takes 4-5 days for a response which then states “please can you reconfirm your last transaction the one provided doesn’t match”. The process has then been repeated twice more (different agent each time) and i’m back to square one each time.
My card is still unusable 24 days later (and counting!) yet Curve are of course still charging me a monthly subscription!
First post here as i am so frustrated and don’t know what else to do!


So 2 weeks have passed, more back and forth with a guy on support, only for a random other person to hop into the chat to tell me that they’ve verified that they are sure they refunded me for the GBIT transaction and sent me the reference for the transaction so I can look it up with my bank… sooooo basically they didn’t read the conversation at all and still aren’t listening to what the problem is.

Dearest Curve, you refunded me TOO MUCH MONEY, I am trying to give it back. Your system glitched and refunded me FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS IT SHOULD HAVE. There is no missing transactions but actually extra transactions. I don’t know how to make it any more clear, I provided pictures of my bank statement showing the repeated incoming transfer from Curve, screenshots of my banking app showing the same, explained it multiple times over. Why don’t you get it? Y’all screwed up, the money is real, it’s sat in a separate high interest savings account right now because if it’s going to take a year for you to realise what you did I might as well get something out of it.

Get it together folks.

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This is totally crazy in curves part but really does explain how useless they are with customer service.

Also do not blame you for the high interest account they will want it back eventually when they’ve realised what’s going on. Which knowing curve will never happen.


The drama continues :upside_down_face:

Today they responded apologising for the confusion, and are now again asking for screenshots of my bank statement showing the transactions. Screenshots that they already were provided with and proceeded to ignore. Screenshots that are in the very conversation in which they’re requesting said screenshots, only 5-6 messages above this repeated request.

Last time they simply said ‘looks fine from our end’, assumingly just checking that on their systems it says GBIT paid out. Instead, what likely needs to be done is someone needs to check Curve’s financial transactions with Curve’s own bank to see if they have a spate of multiple transactions on or around that date/time. Given this issue happened to me twice on the same day, I would not be shocked to learn that it was a glitch on that given day and there are other people who have had the same problem. Curve might have mistakenly sent out tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of pounds and all this faffing is delaying finding out what actually went wrong and resolving it. If I’m not alone with this problem, there’s going to be a lot of awkward messages coming up soon where Curve has to beg people to send the money back…

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Crazy :face_in_clouds:

Hopefully they get back to you. But the responses you’ve posted seem to show how incompetent they are.


I still haven’t got to the point where i have a useable card, well over a month has gone by now.

A customer service individual called “Yellowbird” actually had the audacity to say this on my latest email:

Apologies for the confusion made a while ago, as per our Fee Schedule​ and Terms of Service​, we’re now charging a £50 fee to reissue your Curve Metal Card . This amount goes towards the cost of replacing your card. Can you please confirm the last four digits of the card you would like us to charge this fee and the colour of your new card? We currently offer Black Metal Curve cards.

No apologies for the delays or issues, just a, oh actually I am going to charge you now despite two colleagues confirming i wouldn’t be.

And why ask which colour i’d like if only black is available?? Do these jokers even read what they’re saying anymore!?!?

They do seem to be establishing a habit of swapping tickets between different agents, and then not reading the previous conversations…

Sadly this isn’t anything new.

The new kustomer crm should have made things better but sadly it hasn’t. Curve need to invest more in customer support

A bit offtopic: nuri out of business… hope Curve is NOTnext.