Distinct lack of support

Today is the second business day, will wait, nothing else I can do since I’m unable to chat with curve support.

Say that to the customers affected and see how far that gets you…:grin:

Here is my current story:

  1. 25/08/2022 - I contacted Curve support, asking them to give a look because CURVE was charging the wrong card. To open the chat, I clicked the transaction and selected 'get help with this transaction.
  2. 07/09/2022 - Curve contacted me asking me to give them the “retailer, date of original purchase, amount of original transaction, last 4 digits of the underlying card I intended to use to pay with”
  3. 07/09/2022 - I answered back, saying that I had already selected the transaction I needed help on when I opened the chat, so they should have all the info
  4. 20/09/2022 Curve contacted me asking to give them the “retailer, date of original purchase, amount of original transaction, last 4 digits of the underlying card I intended to use to pay with”… again…

The transaction was a small amount and, however, failed because the underlying card CURVE mistakenly charged didn’t have money, and, honestly, after about 1 month, I don’t remember anymore which was.

But my question is: why do they ask to select the transaction when you open the chat if they totally ignore that info?

Yes I guess they will not agree (which I understand). Honnestly I would not mind so much if I was affected, seems money is safe and it’s mainly adresses, phone mail that leaked. Would be careful about physhing but as always. I understand though

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I do not know but maybe it does not communicate the transaction but just here to help you directly instead of having to dig elswhere to find the solution. Or maybe they get the info but it’s kind of safety or just confirmation

It’s more of a question: Can I still trust them with money?

I do not have the answer but I still trust them.

There is something about Revolut which has me going urgh no…I’m not sure why that is but there you have it.

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Yesterday, 21/09/2022, one day after they contacted me asking for that infos, they closed the chat.

I’m speechless. One month wasted.

With this kind of support I’m now worried because I went to a GAS station on September 13 and paid 45 euros. I just noticed that the underlying card had been charged 101 euros, which usually is just the pre-authorization that gets cancelled 2 or 3 days later.

The chat automatically close 24 after hours within answers.

There shouldn’t be issue with refund of pre authorization, I think it can take up to 7 days or 14 days max.

The chat automatically close 24 after hours within answers.

Really? So they take their time to answer (even one month), and we have to answer in 24 hours? Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

This is crazy.


I guess they should not take 30 days to answer… But yes it’s does not look good

I have been getting sporadic response and to be fair they have done some reparation but my problem is still not solved.

I have not had any cashback rewards on my chosen vendors since 31st July.

I got credited part of the money owed but I am still not getting any cashback, so I ask is this just me and why am i paying a premium for services I am not getting ??

For me it’s work, isn’t it the name of vendor on transaction that is the problem ? for exemple some franchises of a company have a different name on the transaction.

For support I quote their answer :

  • At the moment we don’t have an exact time frame of our response rate. However we can assure to you that the support team are working through strategies in place to address this. For example through additional staffing and ensuring that openly resolved queries are not being assigned to the support team. We are working on it!
  • Priority support is still available and whilst the team are experiencing high volumes of messages across our account tiers, there is a premium team making sure to handle premium account holder queries within a triage like manner. However we do note that the high volumes of messages are reflected on all our account tiers.

I had to use the in-app chat for the first time in a while and was shocked to see the wait time was days for a response…

My mother’s Curve card was swallowed by a cash machine and in a panic she called me. I walked her through the steps to lock her card in the app, re-creating the steps myself, including me locking then unlocking my card.

Since then Apple Pay has cycled between being available and suspended constantly so I submitted an in-app chat request. Frustrated with the wait times, I deleted the Curve card off Apple Pay and re-added it which seemed to be fine, so I ended the chat to avoid wasting supports time.

I came to pay with Curve this morning and the card is once again suspended and now I don’t appear to have the open to open a new chat in the app, so I’m stuck.

I’ve been a Metal member since its inception and are shocked that I can’t get through to anyone. Really making me think why I bother with this and not just use my cards directly. At least I can get through to my bank.

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One card to rule them all huh?

There’s an expression that says “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” that’s particular true about curve these days…


Doubly annoying as that constant notification issue about the card being available / suspended in Apple Wallet is a long-standing bug.

I used Curve since 2019 I remember the time when they answered within a day (was full different scale so not really comparable).

But yes sadly customer support does not exist, I mean it does but in best case you send a mail, wait, ask them on twitter and they will answer you 5 days later that they answered to your query. And once they answer and ou did you are good for 2 weeks or more.

I have been metal customer for a month and stopped because of CS. Decided to take it back to give an other chance and also because new cards design and Plutus perk.

Their post on social media are now full of complain about CS but it does not seem to bother them.

Personally I excluded priority support and just hope I will not get urgent big issue. They say they are staffing and working hard but delay of answer only got worse in the last 4 months.

I do not really know as well what’s happening and why they do not communicate.

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Admin this post needs merging into distinct lack of support @Curve_Joel

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They used to participate in this blog much more in the past. Threads like this were merged in a few minutes.

I really feel like the Curve team is abandoning this blog, and I fear it won’t live much longer.