Distinct lack of support

As a shareholder, I hope they do close it down and delete it. Every day there’s threads commenting on the fact there’s no effective support, errors in charging customers twice, and hidden fees being added on by banks for using Curve. Nobody in their right mind would sign up to Curve after reading this community for a minute or two.


Thing is if it’s not here you just have to go on twitter to see the same thing, it will probably not improve until they make changes I guess.

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That would be hiding the dust below the carpet.
And wouldn’t bring any benefit because social networks are already full of complaints about CURVE support.
I think closing the forum would push more people to complain on social networks, worsening the situation.

I believe you should hope for CURVE to improve the CS. But I know it is a vane hope.

Hi! Same problem here with Google Pay, after lock/unlock the card. Did you find the way to fix it?

Device restart has always sorted this for me with Apple Pay.

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We are still here don’t worry. Normally it’s the moderators that do the merging of threads.

As a follow shareholder and a moderator of this community so please note that I might be slightly biased, I want the community to stay as there is no getting away from the dissatisfaction that the users are feeling.

If it’s spread around different social media platforms then it’s certainly easier to do.

I honestly trust Revolut more than I would ever trust Curve again.

I’ve certainly found Revolut answer questions within the time frame you’d normally expect and offer informed answers.

This seems to be something Curve can’t do. If you do happen to get a response to a question most often it requests the same details already provided which simply offers customer services an easy sidestep and prevents the customer from resolving the matter. This sidestep may explain the number of current queries Curve is dealing as few are resolved and reflects the meltdown in receiving assistance in a meaningful way that actually solves a problem. Curve also seem to rely on attrition which means that customers simply give up on following up on issues - as is the case with the Virgin charge matter.

Overall though I suspect the hostility of the traditional financial providers, and the fact that Curve wishes to avoid negative responses, accounts for the lack of trust in the company. Their business model is decaying and they don’t want to make that clear to users or investors. This, again, might amount to something the Financial Ombudsman Service should investigate as controls on financial organisations concerning disinformation are far more strict in the UK compared to ordinary companies.

All interesting stuff.


I had a transaction when buying fuel in Spain paid at the pump. €130 pending transaction. This was passed to my bank on 12/09/22. The following day 13/09/22 the transaction was updated on Curve for €20 less as we disnt use the full amount. So far no problem except the new lower amount was never passed to my account. I queried this with Curve to ask when the new amount would update my bank transaction. The transaction was debitted to my bank immediately on query. But 10 days later still no credit for the initial block. This is not a merchant problem. I have completed a dispute for a duplicate transaction and received an email response “sorry to hear you want to close your account”. #What?
Today I have received my 2nd duplicate transaction for a toll payment made yesterday. Still no response from Curve Support.
Whats going on? Who’s getting all this money for duplicate transactions?

I have a problem with the app that I get an error every time I try to generate an e-mail with my expenses receipt photos.

I’ve tried deleting and re-downloadin the app, but the problem persists.

I’ve tried doing a help chat, but have written 7 messages across two chats over the last 30 days and none of them have been replied to.

I can’t find a number to call up to get help either.

How is getting help supposed to work now?

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Customer support is not the most efficient but you usually get an answer within 5 min 24/7 even on free plan so I agree.


Usually gas station take a pre-authorization usually around 150€ and then if you use less they will refund you the difference, that the update you see on Curve (if you indeed paid 110€ at pump). It usually take 7 days to be refunded but I think it can take more and since there was holiday for Queen’s funerals it might be the cause.

For the toll payment I do not know but might be because some toll are offline, but it should be refunded soon.
I think the fuel transaction should be refunded soon and same for the other

@ryan Did you get your email verified ? Because it seems you need to do it to be able to send receipe by mail and only way is to contact support. For getting help I would say to ping them on twitter and you usually get an answer around 4-7 days and they will push your case.

@Bogz I’ve used this feature every month for over two years. It stopped working in August, and hasn’t worked for me since. I don’t have Twitter.

Oh I see, then you will have to wait until they answer unfortunately…

After two years of Curve Metal (and some shares…which I now realise I will never see any return on) I’m saying goodbye to Curve. The final straw is the failure of Curve Fronted and zero communication from Curve. Racking up cash fees and interest as a result is very frustrating.

I also had my card deactivated earlier in the year and again no word from Curve. I had to get in touch and jump through stupid hoops to find out why and get it reactivated (turns out it was an address mismatch I corrected YEARS earlier). I also get support replies to an email address I replaced YEARS earlier (a massive security flaw). Curve should spend less time posting idiotic memes on twitter and sort out your product and your customer service…waiting to cancel my account but of course 5 days and counting for a “priority” reply