Distinct lack of support

Hi Dan, I’m sure that is how it must look but I have contacted Curve equal amounts of times both before I invested and after and the treatment has always been exactly the same.

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I left Curve (or so I thought!) due to poor service and now I’ve decided to come back I can see it hasn’t improved. I can’t add any cards, have blank screens in the app and support are either all away on holiday or ignoring my request for help.

There is very simply no excuse when it’s consistently shambolic and arrogant of Curve to treat any client this way.

Hi Leetronix,

From a personal prospective I’ve not needed to contact customer care so I have no idea if it’s as bad as what’s been said here.* I am sure the staff are responding to you all as fast as they can.

*I’m not saying that anybody on here is lying as you all have no reason too, I just haven’t experienced it myself so I can’t comment on a personal level.

I too have had a double charge and no reply. I sent an email to support and also via the online help. I did not receive any zendesk auto resply that they got the message.

Dear all,

I was wondering if you are aware of current issues or limitations on Curve Support System?

I have sent a few requests recently regarding several declines and never got a reply. I tried the app support interface and also emailing directly.

The web-based support website https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb doesn’t have a link to check previous requests.

And on mobile I can’t login to the support system and when I try to reset password I never get the ‘password reset’ email.

I am using Curve iOS beta app on iOS14 and I am a current Metal Card holder.

@Curve_Marie Any thoughts?



I sent Curve support 2 messages about a double charge and I have had no reply.

Also the in-App transaction query doesn’t seem to work on Android

I sent a message 2 days ago, received an automated reply that misinterpreted my request, replied to that straight away and am awaiting a reply (non-urgent issue).

I sent an email and also filled in the online support form but no auto response. Maybe I’ll try again

Hey @ranger ,

creating multiple tickets for the same issue is spam and increases the time they need for other tickets.

If its urgent simply reply with urgent and the ticket priority will change.

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It might be Spam or it might not be because I did not receive any auto responder from Zendaesk. I don’t even know if they received it.

That’s me had a reply and issue resolved, so took about 40h in total to sort.

did you get an auto responder when you sent the message? I haven’t received an email or anything saying they even received my request to check and refund the double charge. It’s been more than 3 days.

When I sent an email a couple of days ago to support@curve.com I did not receive an auto response. I did receive a ‘human’ reply a couple of minutes later though, but that was due to an already running Twitter conversation (@askcurve) where Curve support themselves asked to send them some extra info by email.

Yep I got an auto-reply after I’d emailed support@curve.app

I sent my email to support@imaginecurve.com and did not receive anything. Hmm

Shouldn’t matter which but perhaps no harm in resending to the one I used just in case?

I tried to message CS in the app and also by email as i have a problem with a transaction I made in error to my curve card. No response not even an acknowledgement of service.

You can only truly judge a service by how it treats its customers. So I’d appreciate any advice.

I contacted support via email support@imaginecurve.com in late evening 15/sep/2020. There was no auto-response that e-mail was received.

Got response 18/sep/2020.
But my issue was not solved.
Sent them another email right away.
No response so far.

Ok… so it looks like customer service is non-existent them?