Distinct lack of support

Unfortunately that is a more and more common scenario everywhere. Including Curve

fyi, they’ve been working on it for years…

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It is what it is.

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Hi, I have the same problem, dont know the ‘last 4 digits’ so cant activate my new card, no help from customer support. Could you post the phone number you used please?

It won’t help as they only deal with lost and stolen cards.

I’m metal and it took over a month to get an answer to a simple request. The thread was then closed before I could respond.

I see this “issue” has been ongoing since before 2020. “We are working on it” doesn’t cut it. You will simply lose all of your customers.

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Curve support has been atrocious for years and it doesn’t look like it is getting better. Suggesting to tweet/instagram/facebook in order to escalate your support query is absurd as some people do not have social media accounts, and may not want to create a third party account just to get support for the service they are paying for (if they are on non blue tier). Support should work through the app/email/phone as it does for every other financial institution, but unfortunately the fact is that support sucks and we are all stuck on the same boat.