Distinct lack of support

I really like your bearly hidden dose of sarcasm. Very good. :laughing:

I try to be which oddly enough is more of a balancing act then you would first think.

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:grinning: :innocent:

No worries.

Seems like things might have improved, I’ve had a query answered same day recently via in-app, but shortly after ghosted again. Remains to be seen if they keep improving, but my long-term average response time is still over 2 weeks.

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It’s been more than 5 months and I never got my money back when I got overcharged for a go-back-in-time transaction. It is absolutely appalling and exactly the reason why I cancelled my metal plan. In its current state I can’t see Curve surviving for much longer. They are burning through cash on the daily basis and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another public investment round coming up.

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I’ve just asked a question about the travel insurance and got a useful answer within about 20 minutes via in app chat. Very impressed with that.

Appreciate that’s not often the case with Curve but important to recognise when support is good!

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When you DM @AskCurve on Twitter or their Facebook page for app- and account-related issues they’ll just tell you to e-mail support@imaginecurve.com , which is what I had already done.

Absurdly disappointing and time-wasting!

Have any of you in the UK thought of filling a complaint with the financial ombudsman?

It’s what it’s basically there for and will potentially lead to compensation although it can take a bit to get a result it’s still worth doing and its FREE to do.

If your complaint to curve isn’t responded within 8 weeks you can file anyway but if you are unhappy with the response you can file as well and they will investigate for you and curve legally have to deal with it.

It can lead to big changes in policies and staffing at financial businesses so its worth doing.

If you are frustrated with curve, file, if you think the handling has been poor, file, even if you do love the product, file, if there are a lot of complaints curve will have to change policies and actually handle things properly.

Good point! :clap:

I always get a response in a day or two

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To quote the latest change notice regarding the end of Curve Rewards:

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any queries regarding these changes

They are having a laugh aren’t they?!

Still waiting on a reply regarding missing cashback since before Christmas!!

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What follows is copied from the last email that I sent on 1st March to what is now laughingly called Curve Support. Today is the 8th March and unsurprisingly I am still waiting. Total wait time since first contact is 24 days.

Why does no one in the Curve organisation care whether anyone remains a customer?

I invested money in Curve because I thought it was a useful product and, over the years, response times and general usefulness has dropped into a bottomless pit. For example, why am I still waiting for a passcode that I asked to be reset in the middle of February and why have I had ZERO email receipts for transactions since last September??

I have been trying since 12th February to get a new passocde and all I get is emails asking for more information which I reply to immediately. I have had no emails from you since 15th February and there is nothing in my spam folder

I am sick and tired of playing your games and ask one last time for a passcode please so that I might finally access my account. It would be almost acceptable if I were the only person having challenges with the Curve organisation but the Community tells me a different story as my problem is one of the many that the Community are experiencing. The way that you continue to behave really does support the main theory that you are heading for BANKRUPTCY.

Please get this fixed as my investment and card are completely wasted on a company that has forgotten completely how to support its customers.

To be fair to Curve Customer Support (as good or as bad as they are) I wouldn’t respond to a emotional email like the below either.

What you should have done is start and end with the fact that you still need a passcode all the other emotional stuff? Yeah hard pass.

Just saying it as I see it, I however do hope you get a response to your email it’s just if you don’t, it might be due to the reasons above.

Totally agree with you. It is just that I am fed up with getting no response to my quick and very polite replies, even when they ask me to confirm information that is in the body of one of my earlier replies which is attached to their request for that information.

I am now at the point on my frustration scale where I am no worse off giving the emotional version rather than another polite version. What are they going to do, stop access to my account??? :rofl: :rofl:

If they cannot be bothered to sort a very simple request for a new passcode in a timely manner (and 5 weeks is a lot longer than can be considered timely), they deserve both barrels of my frustration.

Hey guys, I come back here from time to time and since about 2 years NOTHING has changed concerning the customer service. On the contrary, it even became shittier. So I genuinely asking: Is the management simply that dump, blind and bad or are there any other reasons for this unacceptable situation we customers are facing for 3 years now?

That is a brilliant question and for that we have no answers…

As I said a few posts up, file an ombudsman’s complaint if you are in the uk and if you are fed up, you have nothing to lose and it may make curve sit up and get on with things:

Just logging back into Curve Community after a while away and does not suprise me in the slightest that this thread is still going over 2 years later…

The incompetency of the Curve team on this one is outstanding. They have had over 3 years of constant complaints of the same problems, to hear they are only recruiting more staff as of Dec22. A bit out of touch, isn’t it?

I have given up with Metal a while ago (in fact, one of your team cancelling it by accident while trying to solve another unresolved problem was why) so am now a free customer. As an investor I don’t feel like this company is worth my money anymore.

Also seeing some of the other crowdfunded comments - It’s also our job as investors to hold Curve to account, seeing this is one of the only places our voices are heard then absolutely we should be discrediting the company.

@Curve_Joel any updates on this? And the hundreds of other problems on this site?