Distinct lack of support

Sorry to hear your partner’s been waiting so long for a response. Have they heard from a member of the support team with an update or acknowledgement recently? It’s possible that your messages haven’t been being received by the support team correctly.
If this is the case then I’d recommend that your partner sends a DM to our social team on Facebook or at @AskCurve on Twitter. The social team can’t resolve issues directly but they can check why your messages haven’t been being received!

Thank you for your reply. She had the automated response directly after opening the ticket. 4 days later a stock email apologising for the delay blah blah blah and that’s it. It really is appalling.
I tried speeding things along on Twitter on her behalf this morning.

Do you think it will be better? How did Curve handle the December problems with Hungarian bin cards? We got template texts all the way through. They lied, denied mistakes all the way. Lots of bugs and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. :frowning:

You should take example of Revolut or TransferWise support.

Agree Curve support response times definitely needs to improve however I’m not sure that personally I’d take Revolut as a great example - I’ve had multi-month delays in replies from their support team as well as some very ill-informed replies in live chat!

Maybe, but I only experience it at Curve. Inaccurate, 80% of the answers have nothing to do with the question.

At Transferwise they will reply to me in Hungarian within 1 hour. At Curve, 2-4 days.

Hi @Cole, our current goal is to improve both the response times and knowledge base of our customer support team so that they can provide detailed and helpful responses within 48 hours to resolve issues efficiently for our customers. I respect that this still isn’t as fast as Transferwise’s response times and please be reassured that we are still aiming to reach this point in the near future as we continue to grow as a company.

We don’t currently have a timeframe for additional language support from the support team but we’re very eager to bring this to both the app and to the in-app messenger with time.

Okay, I’d be happy if you didn’t send the template in 2 days, pre-written answers to a question that had nothing to do with it.

However, a fintech company does not respond every 2 days, about banks can respond faster.

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The situation is still terrible. I understand that they are trying their best but unfortunately is not enough :astonished:

On Tuesday, I had a problem with receiving verification SMS when adding my Curve Card to Google Pay. I contacted Curve support and received 2 replies from them in 24 hours and got my problem resolved. Good job, thank you! :+1:

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You forgot to add the disclaimer… “this post was sponsored by curve” :wink:


:rofl: Wish that…

No really that was the real case. :crossed_fingers: Even my previous request with refund problem was resolved in 2-3 days, I can’t remember exactly, so again pretty acceptable time frame… :sunglasses:

But I can confirm one of my older requests took Curve may be 3 weeks to respond, but it’s few months history now. :sleeping:

I saw a suspicious transaction on my underlying card this morning and reported it in-app at 7.46. Curve support responded at 8.35.
I hope this is a sign things are back to normal.

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Than clearly they must have an elite kind of customers which they reply fast and other that they let hang in there forever :hushed:

I answered them on the January 14th, but no response since. They do not respond directly.(I think)

I can’t wish them anything good if they represent this style.


Only now have management at Curve recognised that there is a staffing issue with the customer service team?

Please don’t treat us like idiots, I’ve personally been sending feedback to your so called management team for about 2 years now to increase staffing levels to keep up with demand and provide the expected level of service.

This forum is littered with unhappy users who don’t receive timely responses to their requests, customers who you’ve potentially lost while you chase new ones. If anyone received this level of customer service from their regular bank there’d be hell to pay.

Perhaps someone on your management team can explain what the whole purpose of Curve was supposed to be, if not to provide outstanding customer service amongst other things, i.e differentiate yourself from the regular banking system?

As someone who’s worked in customer service (client facing and management) for over 10 years I know exactly how this works and how management sees these types of teams; they’re put upon, overworked, underfunded, and often dismissed.

I, for one, hardly ever use my Curve card now as I have no confidence that I’ll receive timely assistance should I require it.


Unfortunately, they are like that.

There is an urgent need for management to put things right because customer service is on the verge of collapse. No wonder constantly, only template responses are sent. I don’t think they should read the question.

Really, I’m sick if I have a problem with them and need support. Constant struggle with customer service. I understand that I shouldn’t use it then, but I want to use it because of Google pay. That’s all I asked of them.

If it doesn’t go, they say it, then they sell that service or shut it down

This together with the Amex is the reason why I will stay blue and use less and less Curve.

it’s been a long time, I still have problems like this

Slowly 16 days ago I didn’t get an answer to the question.

That’s ridiculous.

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Here more than 20 days…

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