Distinct lack of support

On May 19th transaction has been declined when I tried to pay using Curve, and my card is not working since. I’ve asked support for explanation, but in those 11 days only reply I got was that “my message was forwarded to the relevant team”.
How long am I supposed to wait? From customer experience point of view it’s absolutely atrocious, in what should’ve been a simple case.

@Tsun Wild guess - maybe you exhausted your Curve year limit ?

It’s not about what’s wrong with his card or account but rather the “distinct lack of support”.

@Tsun: From my experience, they DO respond fast if you want to cancel the account and you do mention about “GDPR”. :wink:

No, far from it. Likely the transaction was flagged as possible fraud, as it was a hotel reservation and I was connected via VPN, both of which might be considered risk factors. This however doesn’t justify complete lack of response from support, not to mention that it could’ve been handled automatically via 3DS or 2FA verification.

Looks like Curve lost faith from 1 customer. My friend just informed that due to curve staff not care to respond to his request in timely manner to increase year limit he is going to use other cards. :neutral_face: As I understood he used Curve basically for everything and because of that run out of year limit pretty quick. He said he sent all docs Curve requested from him and after that never received proper answer.

Update: My friend got his req solved today (10 jun 2021). Curve did increase his limits.

At first i need to say that the support is a pain. If you open a ticket you need to wait 2-3 days to get the first reply. And this reply mainly is something like “we are looking into this and come back to you”. 90% they dont do anything, close the ticket or wait another 3-4 days to say something useless again. this leads to the fact that you are permanently opening tickets which are not being worked on and problems are not being solved.

Secondly they block their curve cards for no reason. they then want tons of documents, verifications and at the end the ticket is simply not being answered anymore. new tickets get closed without any answer and the chat only forwards questions to the department who is in charge but of course you will never hear anything from them anymore. i even got a paid subscription and im paying a monthly fee… i dont know if i should cancel my subscription now because i have no idea if my account will ever be active again. and i think about pulling back my monthly fee with help from my credit card provider. they shouldnt be allowed to take my money from the subscription while blocking my card and not providing any support.