Distinct lack of support

I have been happily using my card since a year now. I am a paid customer (intermediate card). I tend to love the product and noticed the support was slow or not really responding well… But never had a REAL problem with it… since now!

My card has been blocked for a week now. I didn’t understand why. Refusal after refusal, I decided to write to the support the morning. Then, tried the chat within the app. Got someone over the chat (after 1 hour standing in the line). Th person at the other end told me she could see that A payment has been refused and that she would open a ticket (I told her that ALL payments were refused). She couldn’t say/write more as she couldn’t investigate on her end… Fair enough. No news for 2 days. Then, I receive an automated mail from Curve (support) telling me that my account was automatically blocked because I needed to prove my ID due to EU regulations.

No previous warning, nothing to tell me this in the app, at any time…

They inserted a link in the email. I completed immediately the process and then… nothing…

I am writing an email every day to the support to get an answer and to de-block my card. Nothing happens. No message in the app, no support… And the card is useless.

What kind of service is that? Will I be able to use the service some day? When?

I was first enthusiastic about Curve. But if a big problem occurs, I am almost sure I will NOT get support. So I will finally downgrade my transaction level in Curve because I am loosing trust on the serice.


I feel you. My card is unusable for 5 weeks now. As you said it. The support isn’t doing anything. But I guess they are happy as long as I keep paying my monthly subscription…

Btw. You won’t have any success downgrading your card since the support has to do it. I already told them to activate my card again or at least downgrade my card the the free one. Of course they didn’t.

I’m having intermittent issues with support. One support ticket very quick, however second one for a decline for no reason and being ignored.

I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a slippery slope with my curve metal subscription, recently moved from commercial to consumer metal debt card.

Please contact them in the app 9am-6pm UK tike using the chat feature. They respond quickly

This was in chat :slight_smile:

The chat feature is not really helpful. It is managed by support level1. They don’t have any knowledge. They are just redirecting the requests.

The chat is useless. Chat and social media can only forward the work. When the actual support decides to ignore you and your tickets,they can’t do anything. my card is blocked for 5 weeks already.

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Yes same here. My card suddenly started being declined nearly 2 weeks ago for no apparent reason. Messaged them and they said they were looking into but busy. Nothing for 3 days. Messaged again, sorry still looking into it but busy. Messaged again a couple of days ago and nothing since. They haven’t even told me if the problem exists at Curve or bank. A good idea let down by poor customer service. I have decided to bin Curve off now as I can’t be bothered waiting any longer for them to get back to me.


Good decision. It might take months. I’m waiting 6 weeks already. Nothing happening

Contacted support today regarding constant declines ( curve issue not underlying card nor backup card).

Chat very slow didn’t help, email support as a backup useless zendesk bot asks if I want a new card.

Hope this isn’t a slippery slope, loosing faith again whilst wondering if Worldpay always decline curve

I was utterly disgusted with Curve at the moment, forced to move from Commerical to a Personal account (not a huge issue). However, they have issued me a new personal metal card that doesn’t even work. The expiry date on the card and in the app do not match their systems, and how this is even possible, I do not know. Currently paying for a service that I cannot even utilise, the one card philosophy is an utter rubbish mantra.

I am currently forced to use my underlying credit card, and support won’t let me out of my contract or downgrade me for free either! I stuck paying £14.99 a month for six months due to their inept ability to code payment systems correctly!

But what are the differences between commercial and personal? Isn’t it a fabulous thing to be able to switch between personal cards and profesional one in a single app?

I signed up when curve first started via my business so had a commercial card, had to move to personal due to change in terms and conditions.

Support via twitter tried to fob me off that there was no system bug, even though support agent told me there was. When I challenged this, support admitted it via twitter.

Needless to say I have yet another metal card on its way, however I’ve now updated all my subscriptions to my underlying card due to loosing faith. I’ll still use my curve card, but for alot less than previously. I’m sure one customer using less won’t affect their interchange fees commission much.

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But making other people know about the worst support they could encounter in digital banking world can make difference. Not only for the people that would fall for this “one card is all you need” nonsense but also for the Curve itself. For those, who are not gonna use the card anymore - make sure you request account removal according to GDPR. They respond utterly fast to request such like that - just 24 hours and your account is gone.