Do I change the currency or not!?

Just a quick question!

I live in the UK but I’m about to go to Spain in a few weeks for a few days and obviously I wanna make use of my curve card benefits (free transactions & atm withdrawals), so my question is:

a) Do I need to change to the currency of the country I’m flying into (in the curve app), once I get there?
b) Should I just leave as it is, in GBP?

Many thanks

If you want Curve to do the currency exchange you leave it as is (b), if you want your underlying card to do the exchange you change it to EUR (a).


No, if you just leave it as-is then Curve will deal with the currency conversion. If you change the underlying card currency to EUR then your underlying card will be charged in that one and (depending on the card) then incur foreign transaction fees from your card issuer.


Ok great.

Much appreciated @poeliev @ediflyer for the replies and clarification :+1:


Just be careful for unwanted DCC imposed by local merchants when in Spain. I read that Spain is known for this at least in tourist places.


Thanks for the heads up @moon :+1:

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