Do not upgrade to metal if you’re happy with black

Hey all! Just a tip, if you upgrade from Curve black to Curve Metal you will no longer be able to have Curve black for free, you have to pay £9.99 a month, my recommendation is to keep Curve black free

Hello @_0211

They’re all becoming subscription based memberships in the future, regardless of moving to metal or not, Black and metal are going to be chargeable monthly. :slight_smile:

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Hi Dan,

Does this:

also mean that I can go Curve Black for one month and return to Curve Blue the next month?

Yep, that’s the bad news…

From what I understand, and whilst its still in beta* you can upgrade to Black with no minimum term, but you’d be sent a new card, in black, and when you downgrade back to blue, you’d be sent a new blue card, so in theory, yes, but it would be a bit inconvenient having to change your CVV2 etc for online subscriptions.

  • Beta. Nothings been confirmed 100% yet, but as it stands in beta, this is the current situation.
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Current Curve Black cardholders will have the option of being grandfathered :point_down: