Do you only carry Curve?

Do you only carry the Curve card, or do you always carry a backup Mastercard and Visa?

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Carry just one other card now as a backup just in case

Curve is the only 'credit’card I carry. But acceptance, of what is seen as a creditcard, but actually also includes Mastercard/Visa debetcards, is very low in shops in the Netherlands. That’s why I also need to carry a Maestro card. But Curve is my choice where Mastercard is accepted!

I also carry a Visa Dankort just in case MasterCard system is down or whatever, and then ApplePay :wink:

I carry other cards as I wouldn’t and couldn’t rely on just Curve.


I just carry my curve card and then my other cards I have on Apple Pay! The acceptance for over ÂŁ30 in the UK is getting better day by day

I just carry my curve Card for payments. I also has my Watch to pay.

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I carry two cards one amex and the other curve.

Curve and a Visa credit card.

It’s not possible for me to only carry Curve - I still carry my Amex and another Mastercard for free cash withdrawals abroad.

Only on nights out :grinning:

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Is that a Curvecard in your pocket or are you just happy to see me! :wink:

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Carry curve, amex and my debit card because I often to online banking stuff at work and that needs to use a card reader so I need the card associated to that - otherwise just the curve and amex

backup is the missus who has about 3 more cards on her


I find that Curve is declined far too often with no apparent reason for me to be able to leave my other cards at home

I did only carry curve, but since I’ve been sent a new replacement card from my bank that cant be added to my curve wallet I now have to also carry that separately.


Just curious :blush:, which bank and what kind of card is that?

Santander VISA Debit. But worrying you cant seem to update with new cards.

Ah ok, it is because of the bug, not because your bank won’t allow you to add the card to Curve.

Yeah its curves bug, it passes the verification every time.

Curve Only!
I am big fan of Curve and joined them as soon as they started.
I have enabled my Phone wallet too so in rare case that anything may happen with curve card, i can pay by NFC :wink: