Do you really trust your Curve card... REALLY?

I ask because today I found myself in a pub, in the middle of nowhere, trying to pay for a modest lunch. They don’t take AMEX and I knew one of my spending cards, which I use daily, was exhausted. So I clicked on another card in Curve (which has more than enough money on) and… bang… it was refused. Cue an embarrassing faff to transfer money onto my spending card (which I carry as a backup).

I haven’t used the other source card for a while, and it always seems, when I try to use cards in Curve that I haven’t used for a while, when I do, it gets refused. It’s like the authorisation times out after so many weeks of inaction.

Whatever the reason, it just underlines the feeling I cannot rely on Curve to do what it’s supposed to do.
Really annoyed so I’ll just bring my other cards out in future. What, then, is the point in my Curve Metal?

Does anybody else feel nervous about just taking their Curve card out?

Considering downgrading! My ego can’t cope with failed transactions, no matter how nice the metal card is (the barman even remarked how nice to hold but useless the card was). Yea, my sentiments exactly.

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