Does Apple Pay work again?


During the Wirecard meltdown the Apple Pay functionality wasn’t available. Understandable. But does it work now?

The last e-mail I received from Curve about it is dated 29/6/2020 and states “Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay should be available to use by the end of the day.” That’s a bit vague and I haven’t received an update to this saying “you’re good to go, AP and the other phone payments work again”.

I live in a country where you get the stare of death if you pay with anything but cash or the national debit card so I rather not simply try and mess it up for the people at the cash register who have to reboot something or so. Hope you can understand my concern.

As the Americans always say: “A little bit of communication goes a long way”. Please do communicate more.

Thank you.

They already told us it was working again and yes, it does work.

More specifically, announced on the 30th June:

This wasn’t sent to my e-mail 'though…

Apple Pay is fully functional: Wirecard: Updates

If you’re experiencing any issues I suggest removing and re-adding the Curve card :slight_smile: