Does Curve break Merchant + Merchant card discounts?

e.g. Wholefools give 5% back when you pay with Amazon Prime cards, if my transaction is charged through Curve will these combination merchant and merchant card combos still work properly?

If it’s Wholefoods that gives you the 5% cashback if you pay with your Amazon Prime card you will not get it when you pay with your Curve card.
For Wholefoods you paid with your Curve card. A merchant can’t see which underlying card is selected.
At the Wholefoods you paid with your Curve card, ‘at Curve’ you ‘paid’ with your Amazon Prime card.

If it’s Amazon Prime card that gives you the cashback, you might get it, depending on the way Amazon decides if you shopped at Wholefoods.

Thanks, this possibly makes Curve a lot less valuable to me.

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