Does curve have an in-app chat or web chat?

I attempted to a payment several times using my Curve Card.
The card either get declined or says pending. I have waited over 24 hours to allow any pending item to adjust its state to either successful or Cancelled/decline.
3 days on I still have these transactions saying pending.
The issue here is that the money shows it’s been deducted from my Curve card which means I can’t use the money. the transaction says Pending and the money have not reached the 3rd party (In fact on the 3rd party system is says declined).

I have basically spent 2 days trying to find a way to contact Curve.
It is extremely vital to be able to contact someone when you are stuck, confused or need a simple but urgent answer.
I use other FinTech service and I must say Customer service has to be key.
Unfortunately, I find this very frustrating and it will be the single reason why won’t be renewing my Metal subscription.

Since you are a metal customer, Curve does actually have an in-app chat. For now it’s only available to (legacy) Black and Metal customers.
It can be found on the ‘Account’-tab:

Thanks a lot, I can see it.
I will explore this option yo get some answers.

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