Does Curve Metal Travel Insurance cover FCO advice change? (Coronavirus)


I have had Curve Metal since November 2019. Trying to understand if the travel insurance covers me if I intended to travel to a destination where the FCO then advises against all travel or all but essential travel to (for example Milan as of yesterday) - am I covered by the policy for the reimbursement of travel costs incurred?

I will call AXA tomorrow but wondered if someone has already done this since the whole coronavirus business has kicked off


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I called them just to ask generally and they said coverage only applies if you actually have the virus.

Oh that’s pretty disappointing, I may have to get my own travel insurance in that case.

Yeahh I’ve called them too and they confirmed it’s not covered. Annoying as I will have to lump up for seperate travel insurance now.

Agree that’s disappointing - most insurance policies cover cancellation in the case of FCO advice against travel. Indeed travelling against such advice would normally invalidate a policy!

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I believe AXA also deals with Amex Platinum insurance, and I couldn’t find any wordings regarding FCO.

Though it’s covered in HSBC Premier’s travel insurance, which is underwritten by Aviva.

Unfortunately it appears to not cover you for cancelling when you go against that advice, and invalidates the policy if you did choose to travel.

General Exclusions
14. Your travel to a country or specific area or event to which a government agency in the country of residence or the World Health Organisation has advised the public not to travel, or which are officially under embargo by the United Nations.

Particularly dissapointing when one of the main drivers for me picking metal was the insurance (probably should have read it better but then again fco advice was probs less of a concern before coronavirus madness) now have to cough up another 80 or so elsewhere but oh well…

I’m worried now because I called them and they said if FCO advice changed I would be able to claim under cancellation. They did not say that I had to have the virus myself

Seems like there’s a lot of misinformation in this thread

I just phoned them up again to check. At least for metal, they are covering travel that is affected by FCO guidance to not travel.

So right now that is China, Italy, South Korea. But they confirmed if you’re travelling to another country that gets added, it will be covered

Not sure how you heard that? I explicitly asked that and they said no. Wouldn’t make much sense to me. Maybe you mean in the case the country is not on the FCO blacklist and you get ill yourself?

I didn’t prompt for that specific answer, it was just told to me when I called last week.

Can someone from Curve pick this one up and come to us with an official answer please? As this would be the difference between going out and buying other travel insurance or not

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I’ve just opened a support ticket asking Curve to look into this and come back with a formal response, would advise others do the same so we can settle this once and for all. Thanks

Unfortunately I believe Curve aren’t allowed to provide this advice, it is a regulated matter and therefore can only come from AXA.

Appreciate that but it’s a generic query on whether a clause is definitely included or excluded from a policy rather than relating to a specific claim.

That is certainly the normal situation - as long as you have taken out the insurance (or the card with associated insurance) and booked the trip before any restriction was in force then you would normally be covered.

MSE have a helpful table from their calls to insurance companies today which says AXA would cover costs:

I don’t mean the Curve Community policy against discussing specific cases here on the forum, I mean due to FCA rules on what they’re allowed to comment on - from previous threads re insurance they always seem to have to defer to AXA as it is a regulated activity:

I will give another call back tomorrow and see what they say this time!

every bank that offers insurance as part of a packaged account underwritten by an insurance company has added clear guidance on whether people are covered or not due to coronavirus & fco advisory, for example:

That is all I’m asking for

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