Does Curve plan to add a feature to add PrePaid Cards to Curve?

Hi. Does curve plan to add a feature to add Mastercard prepaid cards to curve? I think this is a very nice option and would be useful for many users. I have seen a lot of people have a problem with this. I also. Hope to be added in the near future. Regards

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What prepaid card are you trying to use?

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Pre-Paid MasterCard from bank ING

If you contact curve support they’ll look into adding it to the whitelist. They all have to be manually reviewed!

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Should I write an e-mail to the support? I cannot contact support by phone. if not by email, how to contact the curve company?

Please allow us to add ING Bank Śląski prepaid cards in Poland

ING Prepaid Card (ING Bank Śląski Prepaid Card in Poland!

The prepaid ING Bank Śląski card is not accepted by Curve, I don’t know why. I hope you will introduce the function of adding such a card.

this is a user community, nobody can help you with this here. contact support via email

I have already written for support. Unfortunately, they did not write back

Yes, you can write to

And what about PrePaid cards? I really don’t understand why a prepaid card can’t be used… :thinking:

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