Does the 1% cashback on Metal apply on all spending or can I choose the merchant?

Does the 1% apply on all spending? It seems not and I’m required to choose from 6 merchants, but are these 6 from a list of merchants predefined by Curve, or can I choose any 6 outside that list?

For example, would I be able to get cashback for things like utilities, rent, or council tax?

It’s 6 from Curve’s list, so only if your landlord will accept payment in Amazon vouchers :slight_smile:.

Based on things posted here, keep an eye to make sure each transaction tracks okay too.

Particularly with franchised businesses. Curve’s merchant tracking is based on the merchant name it’s given to them by the TPV, so if you go to a McDonalds and the TPV is “John Smith Holdings Ltd.” it won’t be detected as McD, so you’ll need to contact support with the ticket for them to credit you with cashback.

In my experience, it doesn’t happen too often (only once in my first year of Curve use), but good to have it in mind.

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Sounds like you’ve been lucky :slight_smile:

Of course my landlord takes Amazon vouchers given that the city council does too – the latter said the police were very happy to have them instead of the boring fiat salary, which is why you’ve been hearing lately that the police started to respond to disturbance calls at 3am on Saturdays instead of asking you to ring the city council as they don’t do disturbance calls.

If it was 1% on all spending or at least 6 I can choose myself then I would be interested but I like this I don’t quite see the value proposal for spending £180/year (I did see the value proposal to put down £1k flat stake for a card in comparison). If Revolut’s Metal/Premium travel insurance is anything to go by, then Curve’s travel and phone insurance aren’t anything to die for either - are there any stats on how many claims on those Curve-AXA insurances got accepted vs rejected?

I guess the ability to pay a credit card using a credit card without fees is nice (the Fronted thing, which for some reason is not mentioned in the in the list of perks on the website … fear of banks shutting it down?).

p.s. Can those 6 merchants be changed at least? If yes, how often?

No, they can’t. :dizzy_face: But Curve made a “special” offer around Christmas :christmas_tree: for you to change your selection in last 2 years, so there is a good chance it will be the same in next years as well… :man_shrugging:

I understand 1 % from 6 preselected retailers is much less than CDC’s 3 % (on your 1k £ tier) from every transaction… :money_with_wings: But the benefit is you can combine both your cashbacks if you pay with Curve and MCO card selected - e.g. at Tesco 3 % MCO, 1 % Curve and another 2 % Clubcard. :money_mouth_face:

The point for me is whether £180/year justifies 1% cashback at 6 retailers from a small list, which I can’t change, i.e. spending £18,000+ every year at those 6 retailers. It has nothing to do with combining with other cashback offers since Curve Metal doesn’t enable new cashback offers. It’s independent.

Thanks everyone for the answers. Curve Metal is definitely not for me. I’d be curious to know how many Metal users are there.

p.s. With you can buy gift cards at 5-10% discount (Tesco included), sometimes 20% at various times. It’s a better value proposal so far. Hopefully Curve will improve too.

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It’s not. :deaf_man: If you use Curve, you receive Curve cashback AND underlying card cashback (e.g. MCO or Swipe card) in ONE TRANSACTION. So the Curve’s 1 % is additional. :moneybag:

For me, Curve definitely is worth the subscription (though I’m on Black currently), not only for cashback but all other features like one physical card representing many other cards, GBiT, etc. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

I think MCO might be the outlier in that respect - with most other cards that offer retailer-specific cashback you won’t receive if if using Curve (although normal cashbacks/points available on all spend will be fine).

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True. While MCO and Swipe works perfectly and receive full cashback 🪙, other cards like those from Raiffeisenbank CZ explicitly exclude every transaction with Curve from its bonus program… :roll_eyes:

You’re missing the point :slight_smile:

Crypto dot com/MCO also excluded transactions via Curve from cashback at one point, but there was a huge outcry from customers and they re-enabled it. As long as Curve passes all MCCs unaltered then Crypto dot com seems happy as their exclusions are MCC based, but there were concerns that Curve (still) translates some MCCs. In a recent ticket I had with Curve support I was told (repeatedly) that all MCCs are passed as-is, even though there is a thread here suggesting otherwise (i pointed out that thread to them but they insisted MCCs are passed as-is).

EDIT: It appears someone reported my previous posts as spam … nice. No idea where the spam is.


If your only point is to get cashback in full price of the subscription, then yes, it probably isn’t for you. :wink:

BTW, when do you expect to receive full cashback for your 1k £ MCO card stake? How many years/decades? :stuck_out_tongue: Especially in the light of recent CRO price drop that probably unfortunately wasn’t the last… :cold_sweat: Staking requirements will double again next month which speaks itself for CDC’s own confidence in their token, unfortunately… :poop:

The point was that Curve’s cashback is independent and does not enable further/prior cashback, but I’m already repeating myself.

I get it that you’re a Curve Black/Metal fan, good for you. I like Curve too but currently it makes no sense for my usecase to pay 15 GBP/month. I didn’t want to make this thread about how Curve compares to other cashback cards. Curve has other uses for me which MCO does not, and I love Curve for those, but if I paid 180 GBP every year, then it should pay for itself in some way. In my case it wouldn’t with the current cashback scheme.

You seem to be making a series of assumptions about me/my usage though, but anyway, to answer your points on MCO/Crypto dot com: Stakes are grandfathered in so stake increases are irrelevant; CRO price is also irrelevant since cashback is computed in fiat value; I got more than half of my ~600 GBP stake’s worth back in less than 4 months and should cover itself in less than 1 year, after which it’s just pure profit as the stake is a flat fee (3% cashback on rent, council tax, utilities for many months in advance, shopping, 20% off on F&B gift cards in Aug and Sept where I bought a shit ton of them to last the family for months, 10% cashback on groceries for several months, 10% pay rewards, free Amazon Prime, free Netflix, free spotify - these 3 alone are worth ~25/month, then 16% APR on the stake, etc …). Other folks bought cars and whatnot. It works fine. Best cashback card out there as far as I’m concerned.

I probably still don’t understand that, sorry. May be my English is bad, may be I’m stupid, or both. :nerd_face::upside_down_face: I’m only saying that with Curve you receive additional 1 % to your existing cashback with selected retailers, but I’m already repeating myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, I am. :slightly_smiling_face: And don’t understand me wrong -
I’m also great fan of MCO (CDC) and Swipe card. :partying_face:

No, I’m not. I was just asking. :thinking:

My point was stake requirements will double, so the CDC probably expects CRO price to drop further and doesn’t have much confidence in its own token. :shushing_face::dizzy_face: So you cannot expect your stake will return in full price after 180 days (or after you decide to unstake) or your already earned cashback value will lower if you didn’t exchange it to fiat. But if you don’t count you’ll ever unstake and you immediately exchange cashback from CRO to fiat, then you should be safe, true… :umbrella:

It’s computed FROM fiat value, not IN fiat value. You have to immediately exchange CRO received as cashback to fiat and if you don’t do so, you can lose half of your earned cashback almost overnight… :night_with_stars::chart_with_downwards_trend::scream:

Nice using, lots of spending. :clap: If you’re not cheating (money recycling), you’re pretty good in earning cashback. :handshake::bouquet:

Just to make things exact :innocent:: taxes and utilities are now excluded from MCO card cashback program (and some users were even asked to return previously earned cashback and their accounts got frozen until they do so :scream:), 10 % cashback on groceries was capped at 50 USD/month (still good though :money_mouth_face:), pay rewards were either already mentioned as gift cards or are capped at 5 USD/month if you’re talking about sending to friends, free Amazon Prime is at higher stake level (250000 CRO currently) and current APR on stake is 10 % (but the price dropped over 60 %).

In addition, I would also mention up to 12 % APR in Crypto Earn with USD stablecoins, The Syndicate on Exchange with nice APR as well and may be Supercharger if you have some surplus CRO (like if you didn’t exchange it to fiat in time… :flushed:).

I can also only recommend MCO card if you follow some rules (e.g. twice mentioned immediate exchange from CRO to fiat), it really is very interesting product. :+1: Swipe card has also got nice perks even in lower stake tiers (including free Amazon Prime :wink:). And Curve has its own benefits mentioned both by you and me. Together they make nice team in our wallets. :grinning:

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From whose side? :joy:

Well, what can I say. Nice talking with you and I’m glad to help you. Bye! :raising_hand_man:

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