Does the (blue) Curve card support offline transactions

Hello, does the free blue card support offline transaction. I did not find clear answers on the Help site, sorry. Not on this forum either. Sorry if I missed something. If you know the answer, with details if the answer is yes, thanks in advance :grinning:


Yes you can use the card on an airplane without internet

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Thanks! Are there limits? How many times, up to what amount, … ?

Hi flyingdad, you’re probably going to have to contact Curve and ask them about that. ( or @AskCurve on Twitter. Twitter would probably be the fastest.




Ok thanks, have a good day


The obvious point about offline transactions, which everyone should be aware of, is that even if you do conduct a transaction offline you will not be able to switch cards (clearly) without internet.

This means that the transaction will go through and charge whichever card was previously selected in the Curve app, and your notification will come through via the app once you are connected to the internet again.

If needed, you can then Go Back in Time to move the transaction if it hasn’t ended up on the right card.