Does the Credit Limit Apply to AIO Transactions?

I just tried to process an $800 transaction with an AIO transaction, and it was declined for being over the Curve Credit limit. Shouldn’t that only apply for Curve Credit transactions and not AIO transactions?

If it does apply to AIO, how can we request a larger credit limit? $500 is minuscule these days.


Hi, no it does not. I was able to purchase 4k of appliances from best buy with no issue.

The issue is if you try to buy something that is on the mysterious “unsupported” transaction list that Curve neglects to post anywhere.

This is the list as of 7/16

  • Airlines
  • Gift cards
  • Real estate
  • Online subscription
  • Casino

If you attempt to use Curve at any merchant that may code their purchases as one of the above categories, then your transaction will go to the credit line. If the credit line is not sufficient, it will just decline the transaction.

I tried to buy an airplane ticket last week and ran into this issue @Curve_Joel if you have any pull at the US office please ask them to post this list even though it changes. At least until we are out of beta. As beta testers, we should know what we can and cannot do.



^^ That’s what Bank of America classified it as. It was a vacation rental company.

Hmm that’s surprising. Looks like we have another addition to the mystery list!