Does the curve waitlist actually move?

Does the number on the position tracking website change? I am currently 37,771 in line and it hasnt changed ever. Also, how long will it take for me to be off the list?


I don’t believe they actually update positions as they onboard people. My email still shows I’m #20 in line.

Hey both, @MattEllison7 is right. The waitlist doesn’t move as you get closer to being able to join the Beta. Instead, the Beta is released to more and more users through the waiting list until it reaches your place on it. :grin:

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Do we have an update as to where on the waitlist Curve is? I have access, but a lot of people I know want in and are at like 2,000 and don’t have access yet.

When do you plan on opening to more people on the waitlist ?
Almost 2 months since you officially opened to the first persons on the waitlist. I’m mid 5000 number and still no email invite…

Hey @MattEllison7 and @Flat4Jack, thanks for your questions!
Unfortunately, I can’t provide many details on this just yet as our US team aren’t able to share this information publicly yet. What I can say is that the team will soon be greatly expanding the number of US Curve users involved in our US Beta and it’s likely you’ll hear from us during this wave of onboarding. :grin:

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