Double Charged after I selected wrong card

Hi all
I went to make a large purchase for new pairs of glasses and had forgotten to change the card to my credit card (was my debit card).
Not surprisingly it was declined as that is just a small account and not my main debit account.
I then changed to my credit card - made the purchase - no issue.

However when I went to make sure that I had the right card selected to pay for an extra pair this morning, I noticed that I had been billed twice - Will inform the opticians this morning to see if they will refund, and will also inform the Bank as well but does anyone know how quickly support will get back to me on this?

I reported it to them this morning, and I send them the screenshot from curve.

I certainly can’t afford to pay out £2k almost when the issue seems to be with what I think is the option to switch the card you used for a payment. That transaction had been cancelled/declined so I am unclear as to how that might have slipped through the net.

Thanks in advance

If the transaction has been declined, your money will automatically refund in 7 days. :moneybag: You can try to contact Curve support and they may refund it earlier. 🏃‍♂

If your first transaction was declined, the opticians will not have received the money twice, so for them there will be nothing to refund. As @Petr_Andel is saying it’s up to Curve to refund.

Hey! Please could you pop our support team a message at and let us know how you get on!

We’ll be happy to check up on this for you if needs be!

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