Double charged BA flights - Curve confusing

I booked BA flights for two passengers - the full amount appears on Curve as a single transaction against the payment card.

However, I have 2 additional payments for exactly 50% of the amount charged to the payment card (with Curve references).

So on Curve:
1 payment shown for the total amount

On the payment card:
1 payment for the total amount
2 payments for 50% of the amount
all with Curve references

So in total I have been charged the full amount twice. I have contacted Curve support, but on the 3rd day with no response.

Any idea what is going on?

When I pay for British Airways flights with Amex, I see a separate transaction for each passenger. I am guessing that there’s a single authorisation for the total (to which I pay no attention) followed by the two final charges in respect of each passenger.

Of the transactions you mention, which ones are mere authorisations and which ones are final charges?

All 3 are charges on my actual payment card (in that they have deducted that amount from my available balance). It is possible that one is just an authorisation, but if so it is still held. It doesn’t show any detail for me to be able to tell.

What is weird is that all 3 transactions appear on the payment card with curve references (CRV at the start) but in Curve, only the one transaction is shown.

As long as the final charges add up only to the total amount for the two passengers, then you have nothing to worry about. Authorisations are irrelevant except where a card issuer presents a misleading available balance by taking them into account.

This is the issue. For the moment at least, all 3 charges add up to double total amount that should have been charged.

But in all likelihood, there are two half charges and one full authorisation, so you haven’t been overcharged. You need to disregard any authorisations.

If one is only an authorisation OK, but it needs removing immediately because I am now down double what I should be!

A mere authorisation will never appear on a monthly credit card statement or monthly bank statement, and will never cause interest to be charged or lost. You should just ignore it, and it will eventually disappear.

Oh course it’s a problem because the person has lost the balance until it eventually clears itself. I don’t know how you wouldn’t understand how concerning that can be when the sums are large.
I would not want a large sum of cash locked out of my card.
Also they didn’t mention they used a credit card, it could be a debit card. Not sure why your assuming it’s a credit card. Hell you use Amex which can’t even be used with curve.


Thank you!

Yes it is very concerning that I am locked out of that sum. And indeed, it was a debit card (actually a pre-load visa card).

Curve sends incoming transactions 1:1 to your underlaying card. Even if you would not have used your Curve card you would see 3 transactions.

Its normal practice to authorize the transaction amount before charging it.


Thats how its supposed to work but if anything is to go by on these forums things regularly go wrong especially with double charging.

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If this was the case, why would curve only show 1 transaction, but the underlying card shows 3 (each with a curve reference, and each deducting my balance by the amount)?

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If anyone is interested, I sorted this out (no help from Curve ‘support’ after 7 days). I went back in time to another card, and it refunded the multiple transactions on the first card, so now I have only paid once.

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How many final charges appeared on the underlying card, and how many authorisations/pending transactions appeared on the underlying card?

The balance shown by the underlying card issuer might take account of authorisations, but it’s not necessarily your true final balance.

Yes, this is a common issue - card issuers are used to flight transactions being slightly different to the initial authorisation by airlines, and match them up to avoid double-debiting - if you bought 2 x £500 tickets, then airlines will often ask for authorisation for 1 x £1000, then process the tickets in separate transactions.
Using Curve can mess this up temporarily - the bank doesn’t see the three transactions as being for the same purchase. Eventually, the first one will fall off as the airline never claims it - but it’s a long week if you’re using a debit card, especially as flights can be expensive!


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