Double charged by Curve, closing issues with no resolution And then responding to threads and then closing them you!

So I raised a ticket July 1 when all of a sudden a purchase and transaction made 9 days ago with my credit card were charged again but now on my debit card. The response was unreal, trying to put it on the POS and the business owner, saying it’s not a problem use time machine, and then closed my issue. The time machine feature DOES NOT WORK and I’m left out of pocket with NO EXPLANATION for a substantial amount of money. This was after 5. emails to customer service/support! Now they are not responding and closing all issues. I’m in contact with the card company’s and my bank and the authorities. They act like this is a “feature” when this is either a huge bug or fraudulent behavior and have no problems screwing there users. I recommend everybody to deactivate your cards and throughly go over all your transactions.

Edit: And closing threads after responding with nonsense claims and not “understanding” the problem are we now! Well that’s just classy aswell. And the devs erased my :bug: report also. Well this will not stand, you are a fraudulent company and those high remarks you got in dev community are not anymore trust me

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This sounds bad, but may I suggest to use more descriptive topic titles in the future, otherwise this forum becames quite hard to follow?

(Unless you meant this topic to be a place where everyone can just post what happened to them.)


I’m afraid I don’t quite follow what happened. On the forum we do not have any insight into individual accounts and transactions. If you are unhappy with the response you have received from support then I suggest you follow the complaints procedure as outlined at