Double charged for same transaction from 12.08.2021

I have two payments with Curve card on 12 of August and now I saw that first charge was on the original date on 12 and the exact time that I pay. But I saw that I have a second charge for the same amount from 17 August. Why is this happen? I am trying to write you via your app but it fails? How can I contact with you?
I saw that this is a general issue so should I expect this to be refunded automatically I have to write for every problematic transaction?

I have some double charged transactions. So how can I contact with you for refunding? Or you just stop the chat because you have many double charged transactions on 12 of August? This is very disappointing!

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Already wrote in Facebook but still nothing. Do you have general problem with double charges on 12.08.2021? And why it is not anounced officially? Should I expect refund automatically?

This is a user community. Here we are all Curve users/customers just like you (we don’t work for Curve). Please contact Curve support.


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