Double charged transaction

Hi Curve Community,

A really strange thing happened with my Curve card a few days ago. I paid in a hotel a specific ammount and it was charged instantly on my card, but half day later in the app the amount doubled and I got an another message from my bank that my card was charged again by curve with the exact same amount. Have this happened to anyone before? How can I got back the wrongly charged money?

Thanks for your help!

@KoraiD Maybe the authorization and the real invoice… But Half a day between the transactions should be really strange…

The Hotel said they did only a real invoice without authorization (it was paid by the card on a POS terminal) and my bank already accounted both transaction. I think if it was an authorization, it should not be accounted only booked right?

@KoraiD… Your underlying card was a debit or a credit card ?

Hey, I have just filed complaints for two online purchases which have been repeated 2 days later. For the first one I’ve been charged 2x, for the second 3x. Unacceptable.

It was a credit card. But I used it many times previously without this issue. Not for hotel payments but for others.

@KoraiD …Maybe an issue with the transmission ( POS terminal) after you have entered the PIN code…and Curve sent payment one first time , and one second time… don’t know…I never encountered such an issue even in hotels…
Hope you 'll have a complete refund . Pat.

I have the same issue. Booked a flight on Sunday and paid for it using curve. All good until Tuesday when I see the amount has doubled and there is another transaction on my underlaying card of the same amount as Sunday. I thought these are pending transactions so didn’t care much. Today I looked and both transactions on my card are complete with different payment references.

Ticket is open with curve and I’m sure they will sort it out. It has happened to me once last year and the amount was refunded a few days later.

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I’m sure it’s a glitch and @Malik will get his money refunded. But it would useful @Curve_Alejandro , or at least interesting, to know why this can happen.

Thanks Pat!
Yeah I hope too. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. After half day, a new transaction with the same amount on my credit card and it summed up with the original on Curve.

I also sent an email to Curve, so I hope they can resolve it quick.
Thanks Malik!

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I also think there was a glitch but it’s quite a painful bug or so. :confused:

Good to know I’m not the only one! Let’s hope they sort it out soon!

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Got an email today from Curve saying there was a problem on 12th hence I was charged double, and the refund will happen automatically in 2-3 days. :money_with_wings:

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Hey @Malik, thanks for the update!
I jost got the same message, so there were some kind of a global problem.

I got the same email. Glad they’re sorting it now

Such things simply isn’t acceptable. My recent problems and the lack of customer service has changed my perception of curve

Every system has problems every now and again. Even big players like Visa and MasterCard have had meltdown in the past, leaving consumers with massive headaches. Personally I value the time it takes to correct an error after it has been made. I understand Curve has not had good response times lately, but overall I believe the service is still good for what it is. They do owe up to mistakes and generally correct them in timely manner. Just my two pence.