Double charged?


I made an online purchase yesterday and noticed my funding card was double charged! It’s only reserved for now (twice) so I’m not sure if it will stick. On the Curve app, it only appears once. In any case, it’s still annoying and I would rather not have to wait for a refund. Has anyone experienced this before?


Yes i was charged double on a british airways flight in the summer
I contacted curve support they deleted one of the payment, british airways charge the card again
I contacted british airways with all the detail, they had some technical problem, and delete one of the payment
Everything was fine

This was British Airways!
How did you contact BA? And how did you explain the issue?

I contacted them on twitter

Explain i was double charge, date, flight number

Hi! Have you reached out to Curve support? I think it would be beneficial to know what they are seeing on your account which can help if you need to contact British Airways about the charge.

You can give them a shout

I’ve reached out to Support but also wanted to know if others have had this issue, and possible solutions.

The problem was solved in july