Double charged

Hi, I bought an item and I’ve been double charged on my credit card which is linked to my Curve card. It was pending for a couple days, but have now gone through with a payment reference. Curve only shows 1 charge, but credit card shows 2.
Only had the Curve card for a week and made about 5 transactions…not looking that promising.

It was online purchase or POS sale?

Did both payments go through with a reference? It’s common for a digital purchase to have an authorization and then the actual charge, and then the authorization dropping when it expires according to your bank’s standard practices.

If it was an actual double charge, contact support and they should be able to sort it for you.

Online purchase.

Yes, both went through with separate payment references

Hey there,

could you please contact the Curve support, so they can check this.

Or open a ticket via in-app chat.

If its an emergency you can call the number on the back of your card.

AUTHs get removed from Curve after 8 days. Then waiting another 2-5 days for the underlying card to drop the AUTH as well