Double charges and general transaction issues

Am not sure if i am the only one having these issues but lately (over the past 2 months) i noticed an increase in issues with charges from curve to my debit card, refunds and payment logs

first of all - i had multiple occasions where i was charged 2x for the same transaction but at one or 2 days difference - on my debit card that is.
the annoying thing here is that i do not check my debit card statements daily or weekly - Gosh, sometimes i dont check them for months - so its possible other older transactions were duplicated and i was charged 2x - i often buy the same things so the charge might be the same - making it even harder to spot - but with some of the bigger transactions - i noticed that easier
each time i had raised a ticket I had to send screenshots of the debit card statements as proof that i was charged 2x and each time im told it was an issue with their system
this is not encouraging - i do not trust anymore what Curve is charging me - and as you can imagine my debit card will not issue refunds as its not their charges
had i not checked and flagged these issues - i would have ended up with paying 2x for some transactions - the vendor confirmed they only charged once and received one payment - so the 2nd payment remains in Curve’s wallet i imagine

Another issue i have noticed is some transactions appear as declined or refunded on my curve app - days or even weeks later - creating confusion and panic that i might not get something delivered or tickets paid for travel
again more interesting is that these were charged on my debit card - and paid to the vendor - but they disappear from my curve payments history once marked declined or refunded; yet they dont get redunded back - still a mistery whats going on - but to make it worse - couple of days later they show up again - this time as a new purchase and again i get charged 2x for the transaction that i only did once weeks ago

all in all - its concerning that these issue exits and does makes me worried i might end up paying 2x for some transaction without even knowing - since i dont want to have to reconcile every transaction from Curve vs every charge on my debit card

Has anyone had these issues?

And also - am i correct in assuming Curve charges the debit card 2x each time and then releases one of the charge - i am asking because sometimes when i am wearing my buds - i have notifications read outloud and when i pay with curve - i always gets 2 notifications about the payment - eg: curve payment x 2 times - making me think its charging the card 2x innitially

Happened the same to me back in February. It was a mess. Had to contact the support twice to solve it.

I’ve heard that some users had the same issues with purchases made on the 17th of August.

its concerning as it could show underlying issues with their system

also start to think - is this headache worth anymore - 6mo down the line and i really havent seen any benefits to having the curve metal card - esp with Amex being lost
i might go back to using my amex from September as i miss the MR Points i used to get on every purchase etc