Double charges?

Is anyone else seeing double charges for recent transactions? Just had a TfL and local bus one come through that had already been charged yesterday! Hopefully they’ll fall away soon but given it is from two different retailers it seems like it might be a Curve issue so interested to know if others have seen the same?

Was it related to travel on a Friday or weekend? Contactless transactions? Welcome to my world. I’ve been complaining about double-charging on TfL over a year, and nobody seems to care (see TfL charges - different amounts on Journey History, Curve, funding card)

My understanding from multiple conversations with Curve is that it is a known issue with TfL because of the way they charge for contactless transactions, and that it has been fixed (but miraculously keeps happening, despite this “fix”)

My recommendation:

  1. Leave it a couple of days to see if it reverses
  2. Query it with customer service
  3. If customer service is unhelpful, then ask to be escalated to the Payments Team
  4. You should be refunded without question, albeit it has taken longer recently due to customer service snarl ups
  5. Avoid using Curve for contactless transactions with TfL on Fri/Sat/Sun, or be prepared to spend hours of life matching transactions/charges and escalating with customer service

Indeed it was - contactless over the weekend!
Will give it a bit of time and see if it works itself out, thanks. At least the TfL contactless account page works now for cross-referencing amounts!


Curve card kept failing to me in the way out so TFL es charging me a lot more. I stopped using completely curve metal card with TFL


Ah OK - I was using it via Google Pay so seemed OK that route at least (apart from the double-charging!)

Also me. I paid stay as preautorization in Hilton on sunday for 1day stay. On tuesday at 4 am i was again charged so now i paid twice and waiting for respons over 4 days by curve

The same situation in Hilton hotel now waiting 4th day for respons from Curve

Similar situation for me too, paid for fuel at Shell two weeks ago now and it charged me twice but I did a “Go back in time” and then the glitch reversed itself almost instantly, as money as hasn’t been taken twice just shown up as twice, i don’t know if you guys actually got double charged, as for it was only showing up as double charge on curve without double charging me.

Also for me and the best thing is, that the curve support is not responding to my help tickets. This is frustrating.

Twice now I’ve been double charged for TfL journeys on a Friday backed to a Chase debit card. Both times the second charge was refunded exactly a week later to Chase. Contacted Curve but no response received. CS hopeless.

I’ve also been double charged for Uber in the UAE which hasn’t been refunded. Once again, no response from Curve. Have raised a formal complaint.