Double payment Curve

it’s starting again.
After a few months of no double payment, there seems to be problems again.
It’s frustrating. That lowers confidence in Curve.
Look at the screenshot: 2x Kaufland_de(Paypal) 175Eur.
The support says it was maybe because of the internet that was charged twice.
still waiting. Well who believes it.
I paid with paypal. The curve card is in paypal
and the Plutus Visa is in the curve card.
curve and plutus each loaded twice. PayPal only once.
the bad thing is that plutus is a prepaid card that you have to load beforehand.
so my credit on the plutus is blocked by the double debit.
no, this story isn’t pretty, and trust in curve is sinking.

the double payment from June 15 are still not corrected.
Today is June 18th.
according to the support it should be corrected after 2 days.
something is not going well with curve.
it seems to me that curve support just wrote me this mail with a 2-day wait to then throw this problem in the trash can.
trust in curve is fading. I don’t really dare to use curve.
i have to wait……

Hey @mahima112, sorry to hear this experience has shaken your trust in Curve. Has the duplicate charge been reversed now that the time period indicated by the customer experience team has passed?

Hey @Curve_Joel

thank you for writing me. - until today (June 20th) nothing has happened.
I think the support simply put my problem in the trash can in the hope that everything will be correct - by itself. Look at my screenshot (curve app) from just now, you can still see 2x EUR 175.00. (June 15th)
Unfortunately, I can’t praise the support - despite the black curve.

Edit: my issue has been sorted. Was not a Curve error. But the merchant did not claim the funds first time and I oversaw that they had been refunded to the underlaying card. Hence their second pull of the 11.50

I am reading this topic with interest.
Have a payment that went through on April 17th and suddenly again on June 22nd.
Was a ticket for cinema, so in no way booked online or so. Paid with the card on payment terminal at counter.
I received an updated receipt, now showing double the amount, luckily 23.00 £ and not like in your case 175 €

Have raised a support question, but haven’t heard back yet.

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